The Millennium Way

The Millennium Way is a beautiful 100 mile trail across the Heart of England, which has something to offer every serious walker and casual rambler. The Millennium Way Trail has been enhanced by 44 fabulous circular walks as detailed below. If you do every circular walk, you will have walked the whole 100 mile trail!

 Boris says we can still go rambling in our beautiful countryside. See below to:






On 13th November 2020 our Chairman Barry completed all Circulars for the second time. He has been doing 2 per week since May. We gave his wife Rachel a surprise Cerfificate for him, to celebrate the occasion. 

Adam Bennett has just told us that he has done all the Circulars 4 times (see latest news) and is half way round a fifth circuit. Well done Adam, you kept that a secret. Now we can add you to our Roll of Honour.

Ruth Harris wrote to us: "Sally and I thoroughly enjoyed walking the Millennium Way this summer, and all the adventures we had on the way.  This included a flat battery, loosing keys and being soaked through on at least 3 occasions.  But we visited new places, enjoyed observing nature and discovered more of Britain. We also raised £1,115 for our designated charity!" See our 100 Mile page for a fuller account of their journey.

We have today, 12th October, launched our 10 Day Challenge itinerary, complete with overnight stops and lunch suggestions and price guides. It was inspired by our Chairman, Barry Durman and his wife Rachel, who set up and completed the challenge for themselves and friend Sarah Koster in September. Having done all the research it seemed obvious to share it with fellow walkers. Look at our "10/5 Day Challenges" page for details.

We have today, 25th October, added the last recorded number of stiles on each of our Circulars on the list below. We know some walkers find stiles difficult and walk leaders have to test out routes accordingly. Now you don't need to do that - we did it for you.

In September 2020 we added a "Latest News" page to our website. "Contact us" with your exploits and we might just mention them here!

The 44 Short Walks of the MILLENNIUM WAY

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Easy Access Circular Walk Broughton Hackett Short Circular Walk Bropughton Hackett Short Circular Walk New End Short Circular Walk Berkswell East Short Circular Walk Barston Short Circular Walk Hoclkey Heath Short Circular Walk Packwood Short Circular Walk Flyford Flavell Short Circular Walk Hunningham Short Circular Walk Warwick Short Circular Walk Berkswell West Short Circular Walk Napton Short Circular Walk Lias & Stockton Locks Short Circular Walk Egdon Shport Circular Walk Henley in Arden East Short Circular Walk Henley in Arden West Short Circular Walk White Ladies Aston Short Circular Walk Hellidon Short Circular Walk Priors Marston Short Circular Walk Coughton Short Circular Walk Kenilworth Short Circular Walk Stockton Short Circular Walk Long Itchington Short Circular Walk Offchurch Short Circular Walk Cubbington Short Circular Walk Alcester Short Circular Walk Burton Green Short Circular Walk Claydon Short Circular Walk Heronfield Short Circular Walk Leek Wootton Short Circular Walk Cropready Short Circular Walk Kingwood Short Circular Walk Stoulton Short Circulat Walk Upton Snodsbury Short Circular Walk Inkberrow East Short Circular Walk Meriden Short Circular Walk Pershore Short Circular Walk Studley Short Circular Walk Meer End Short Circular Walk Chipping Warden Short Circular Walk Inkberrow West Short Circular Walk Leamington Middleton Cheney Circular Upper Boddington Balsall Common 100 Mile Trail.

To get full walking instructions decide on the area in which you would like to walk by selecting from the links below or selecting the number on the map above nearest to your chosen area. If you prefer to view details of the complete 100 mile linear trail click on the '100 Mile Trail' button above. Our 44 circulars link the entire length of the Millennium Way and range between 3 and 10 miles. Walk numbers give an indication of length, starting at Walk 1 being just 3 miles.

Most of our circulars start at, or near, a public house so you can have a drink and meal after the walk. Usually the landlord will be happy for you to park in the pub car park, however it would be courteous to check this beforehand.

When walking in the growing season we advise you take a sturdy stick to ease your passage! Don't wear shorts if you want to avoid getting stung or scatched. Please note that dogs may have to be lifted over stiles where there is no gap underneath.

Walk 1 - Broughton Hackett - 3 miles - 2 stiles
Walk 2 - New End- 3½ miles - 8 stiles
Walk 3 - Berkswell (East) - 3¾ miles - 9 stiles
Walk 4 - Barston - 4 miles - 8 stiles
Walk 5 - Hockley Heath - 4 miles - 2 stiles
Walk 6 - Packwood - 4 miles - 10 stiles
Walk 7 - Flyford Flavell - 4½ miles - 16 stiles
Walk 8 - Hunningham - 4½ miles - 2 stiles
Walk 9 - Inkberrow (West) - 5½ miles - 9 stiles
Walk10- Warwick - 4½ miles - no stiles!
Walk11- Berkswell (West) - 4¾ miles - 5 stiles
Walk12- Balsall Common - 5.5 miles - 11 stiles
Walk13- Leamington Spa - 5 miles - no stiles!
Walk14- Napton - 5 miles - 1 stile
Walk15- Lias & Stockton Locks - 5¼ miles - 1 stile
Walk16- Egdon - 6½ miles - 9 stiles
Walk17- Henley-in-Arden (East) - 5½ miles - 23 stiles!
Walk18- Henley-in-Arden (West) - 5½ miles - 15 stiles
Walk19- Upper Boddington - 5½ miles - 8 stiles
Walk20- White Ladies Aston - 5½ miles - 9 stiles
Walk21- Hellidon - 5¾ miles - 6 stiles
Walk22- Priors Marston - 5¾ miles - 18 stiles
Walk23- Coughton - 6¾ miles - no stiles!
Walk24- Kenilworth - 7 miles - no stiles!
Walk25- Stockton - 6.5 miles - 4 stiles
Walk26- Long Itchington - 6¼ miles - 1 stile
Walk27- Offchurch - 6½ miles - 8 stiles
Walk28- Cubbington - 6¾ miles - 8 stiles
Walk29- Alcester - 7 miles - no stiles!
Walk30- Burton Green - 7 miles - 7 stiles
Walk31- Claydon - 7 miles - 13 stiles
Walk32- Heronfield - 7 miles - 5 stiles
Walk33- Leek Wootton - 7 miles - no stiles!!
Walk34- Cropredy - 8 miles - 9 stiles
Walk35- Kingswood - 7½ miles - 10 stiles
Walk36- Middleton Cheney - 8¼ miles - 19 stiles
Walk37- Stoulton - 7 miles - 11 stiles
Walk38- Upton Snodsbury - 7½ miles - 15 stiles
Walk39- Inkberrow (East) - 8 or 6 miles - 30 stiles!
Walk40- Meriden - 8 miles - 8 stiles
Walk41- Pershore - 8 or 6 miles - 7 stiles
Walk42- Studley - 8¼ miles - 1 stile
Walk43- Meer End - 10 or 7 miles - 4 stiles
Walk44- Chipping Warden - 10 or 5 miles - 7 stiles

Disabled Access Walk. - Easy Access Broughton Hackett - 3½ miles - suitable for Trampers


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Certificate of Achievement
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