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Planning - Getting there and getting home

Both ends of the walk are serviced well by Bus and Rail
Along the way

We have visited all the establishments identified in our accommodation page, many are adjacent to the route but where there is a significant distance from finish to overnight accommodation we have identified local taxi companies who will be pleased to transport you.

We include The Walkers Friend as an additional option to relieve the need for carrying your kit if that works best for you.


Walking a tad over 20 miles a day would suggest the following legs (see map above) :-

  • Middleton Cheney to Napton 20 miles
  • Napton to Kenilworth 22 miles
  • Kenilworth to Packwood 22 miles
  • Packwood to Inkberrow 22 miles
  • Inkberrow to Pershore 17 miles

    The MILLENNIUM WAY - a fabulous walk in the heart of England. The walk offers the opportunity for a diversity of experiences. Each Shire county has its own unique characteristics - Worcestershire with its rolling countryside - Warwickshire still boasts of the Forest of Arden - skirt briefly through the delights of Solihull Borough with its charming villages and imposing castles -- enjoy the delights of Northamptonshire shrouded in history - truly a walk of a lifetime, and all yours in 5 days!

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    Pershore to Middleton        Middleton to Pershore

    The Walkers Friend

    All the paths, bridleways and roads we have used in these instructions are public rights of way as designated on Ordnance Survey maps. Following the instructions and walking tips on this web site in no way constitutes any liability on 41 Club that such routes or tips are safe or suitable.  

    If you have any questions or suggestions about this site, or the Millennium Way walks, please contact us by using the icon below:

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