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Walk 9
mile Circular Walk West of Inkberrow

by Peter Travis

Short term Route Change.

The original route is temporarily blocked in the interests of Public Safety due to building works. Due to reopen December 2016


This short circular walk starts from the green in delightful village of Inkberrow. The walk is mostly flat and crosses some delightful farmland with an opportunity to visit Inkberrow Church dating from the 13th century, and take refreshments at a choice of pubs in the village.

For part of the walk, you will enjoy the delights of The Millennium Way  where you will be guided by the distinctive green Millennium Way waymarkers

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   From the village green turn left down the main A422 road past Lilac Cottage & Oak Tree Cottage turning right into Stonepit Lane, continuing gently uphill past Greens Croft Way and after approx 100 yds turn right to take a public footpath immediately after house number 22. Keep ahead on partially grassed path soon to walk with hedge left and houses right, eventually crossing a stile where you will see a green Millennium Way waymarker. Go with hedge left for 70 paces, then immediately turn sharp left where the hedge ends        ( there is no waymarker here ) - (here we leave the Millennium Way for a while) and continue along edge of field with hedge left. The headland here is often overgrown.  ( Ahead you have a good view of the Malvern Hills.) Continue around two sides of the field with hedge left looking carefully on the second side to  take narrow gap, with way post left, to road. Take kissing gate on opposite side of road, then immediately take gap right with missing gate.

  Go  diagonally across field to take a damaged / rudimentary stile in far corner or go through adjacent gated gap. Continue 1/2 right on the same heading to cross the next field diagonally passing under power lines to find corner stile. Take stile and also the one immediately opposite to next field to continue along field edge on an ill-defined path with hedge right to pass under power cables. Approx 200 paces after passing under the power cables look out for a wide hedge gap on right. ( This gap is about 40 paces after a lone tree .)  Take gap then go left to continue with hedge left passing under power cables to reach vehicle track at the field corner gap. Cross track and continue down field with hedge left to eventually cross double stile footbridge.  Continue around next field keeping hedge left. After approximately 250 yds ( just past a group of trees ) a path comes in from the right. Opposite this path take narrow gap left into large field.  Go directly across centre of field to reach a deepish ditch, with small hidden stream. ( When crops are growing it may be necessary to walk along tractor tracks. )

   Cross ditch and bear diagonally half right to find a hidden waymarked stile ( often overgrown ) buried in the hedge at the field corner. Cross the stile and go immediately left along edge of field keeping hedge left. Continue with hedge left for approx 1/3rd of a mile and where it bends left you will reach a waypost by a gap. Do not take gap but go right staying in the same field and keeping hedge left.  Take corner gap following blue bridleway marker and continue on through metal gate into next field to go right keeping hedge right.

   Come to lower corner of field by a house in the hamlet of Dormston, take metal gate, ignoring unsurfaced track, and go left along road for 1/2 mile passing the entrance to Dormston Manor and crossing stream to stay gently uphill to reach Hill Farm House on right and Hill Farm on left.

Next to Hill Farm we turn left through fence by metal gate where you have now rejoined The Millennium Way and will again see the green Millennium Way waymarker.  At the end of the outbuildings continue ahead with hedge left to field edge gap. Continue ahead with hedge left and at the end of the hedge, find waypost and bear slightly left across field, to find a just visible yellow topped waypost 15 paces in from corner of field. Enter small coppice veering slightly left to exit by gate into right hand field.  Go diagonally across centre of field towards another barely visible yellow topped waymarker post at top of field just to left of copse of trees. Go ahead through gap on partially grassed corridor initially with hedge left then cross field diagonally under power cables to reach wide gap with waypost in top right corner. Exit by gap into next field. Here, go diagonally across field under two sets of power cables and head to a further yellow topped waymarker post in corner. 

   Go through gated gap following green Millennium Way waymarker then go forward to end of wooden fence. Cross narrow track to stay with fence right to take further metal gate and turn right to pass between barns (L) and farmhouse (R). After passing between barns and farmhouse go left for 20 paces to find metal gate right with waymarker. Take gate and go with fence right to take double stile and wooden bridge ( often overgrown ) into next field.  Go directly across field to take stile and ditch bridge.  Go 1/4 left across field to take wooden gate and then for a few paces to take stile in  hedge gap to next field. Stay with hedge left to take wooden gate in corner of field then stay ahead on rough track past houses  to take further small wooden gate to left of 5 bar gate. Stay forward to reach road. Temporary Diversion: Turn right on Withybed Lane to junction with Stonepit Lane, then turn left and follow Stonepit Lane to reach the main road. Turn left to arrive back at the village green

Archers fans will recognize the half timbered black and white Old Bull near the village green as the well known fictional Ambridge pub. It is said that William Shakespeare stayed here whilst on his way to Worcester to collect his marriage certificate.

All the paths, bridleways and roads we have used in these instructions are public rights of way as designated on Ordnance Survey maps. Following the instructions and walking tips on this web site in no way constitutes any liability on 41 Club that such routes or tips are safe or suitable. 

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