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Walk 42
mile Circular Walk from Studley

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This lovely walk is just a little over 8 miles with only one stile and a few gentle inclines. The countryside is glorious and the walk takes you through open countryside, along riverside and through woodland with a short section along quiet country lanes. Suitable for dogs. Find out more about the walk by clicking on the information icon at the top of the page.

The walk incorporates  sections of the Millennium Way, where you will be guided by the distinctive black  Millennium Way way markers.

  Park in the car park off Bell Lane, Studley - entrance is just opposite Bell Mead. Exit the car park turning R to reach the T-junction. Go directly across road to walk between the bollards and continue ahead along road between houses. At the end of the road ( cul -de-sac )  go L to enter a narrow passageway between wooden fence and hedge. Emerging from the passageway take the wooden kissing gate on R then go ahead following river on L. Shortly the river bends sharp L.  Continue towards the church and take the footbridge across the River Arrow. Go through a kissing gate to a lane. Go L for a few paces then turn R into the churchyard.  The attractive Church of The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary was built in 1105.  

Go R past the front door of the church and cross churchyard diagonally to exit by wooden gate to lane. Ignore footpath opposite, and instead go L on lane then take metal gate 40 metres ahead where you will note that you have joined the Arden Way. Continue along wide grassy track between hedges. Shortly the track narrows and continues gently uphill (at this point there is a well marked major diversion around the Studley Castle Marketing Centre Site which is being redeveloped - please follow the appropriate signs to eventually emerge just before the greenhouses). Go past greenhouses and stay ahead on track to pass Wig House on R. Continue along and immediately after passing under power lines take large gate R into field and walk parallel to the power lines crossing diagonally over field. Exit field by metal gate to track then go R to continue along track. After a short while, the track veers to the R by a way post.   Leave the track here and continue ahead on the Arden Way with hedge L

Stay ahead to take metal gate into next field and go slightly R  walking beneath power lines to exit into next field via small metal gate at corner of a wood.  Continue gently uphill alongside power lines keeping wood on R.  At the brow of the hill continue on to take next metal gate ahead. Stay forward keeping close to hedge R. Ignore two gaps R and approx 30m before field corner take two metal gates on R (hidden in hedge) into another field. Go 1/2 R to walk diagonally across field  between a line of four large trees finding a small metal gate to exit field. Stay forward to take a kissing gate into next field. Go L along edge of field keeping fence and hedge L to eventually take a kissing gate at top of field. Go R after the gate keeping hedge R and heading up towards building ahead.

 Here you will pass an attractive fishing lake on your R. Take the corner kissing gate into Manor Farm and almost immediately take further kissing gate R to cross paddock area diagonally and exit at top corner just in front of a modern style farmhouse. Stay ahead to take kissing gate to lane and stay forward passing the house on your L.  Turn R on road to pass Morton Bagot Manor on R. Stay on lane initially passing Orchard House for about 1/3rd mile to reach a road junction. Turn R at road junction and when you reach the crossroads continue over in the direction of Shelfield and Wootton Wawen eventually to pass under power lines. As the lane gently rises, go past a way marked footpath on L and continue gently uphill shortly to find a way marked metal gate on R.

At this point we join the Millennium Way and share this part of the route with both the Arden Way and the Heart of England Way. ( From here you will be guided by the distinctive black Millennium Way way markers.)  Once though the gate go 1/2 L through small copse and then emerging into field. turn R.  Go uphill along field edge with hedge R. The path gets gradually steeper but soon flattens out. At the top of the rise take gap R to go over stile and then immediately turn L to follow with fence L to take gate into Bannam's Wood. Follow the path as it winds through the attractive wood. The path through the wood is marked in places with way posts, but the footpath is easy to follow. The woodland path gradually winds down on a rough track to reach a gate to the road.

Here we leave the Arden Way & Heart of England Way and turn R up the road to continue on the Millennium Way.  Where the wood ends continue along road to pass under power lines and keep a sharp look out for a waymarked gate hidden in hedge on L. Take gate and continue along edge of field with hedge R.  At the field corner take metal gate then go 1/2 L across next field to exit via wooden gate. Go R on wide grassy way parallel with power lines on L to brow of hill ahead. At the brow go down slope to the bottom to take gap L adjacent to start of hedge. Go ahead with hedge R to exit field via corner gap then continue with hedge R to exit next field via corner gap. Go 1/2 L to field edge by transformer fixed to an electricity post close to large metal barn. Proceed slightly L down grassy track towards pylon past house with skylights and  entrance to a private driveway ( often with barking dogs which are securely contained within garden) to find large pylon with overhead cables. When you draw level with large pylon do not continue to road, but go R between wooden fence and hedge R to find metal gate. Take gate and cross driveway to take further gate. Go ahead,  eventually  to pass under power lines, and past a solitary waypost to far corner, and through passage to find metal gate.

Take gate ( and here we leave the Millennium Way ) and go 1/2 R to pass between two large trees then through a narrow corner gap. Continue on with wire fence and stream on your R. At the field corner take metal kissing gate and go R down track. After a few yards you will notice on your far R a building known as Studley Castle but which in fact is a hotel / conference centre. Stay on the track which eventually swings R in front of a hedge to a large gap on L. Take gap and walk directly ahead over centre of field. the footpath here can be a little vague but usually discernible as it rises very gently to a brow where you pass a couple of trees and small pond (heavily overgrown with reeds) on your R. Continue past the pond and the path gently descends to a gap next to a partially hidden fence post with no waymarker. Take gap and continue along narrow path with hedge L and wire fence R.  Stay along path to take wooden gate into graveyard and exit by another gate to lane. Go L on lane following round R at the corner to continue past the church on your R.  Stay on lane to reach a road junction. Go L on Hardwick Lane and a little way ahead where the lane turns sharp L go straight on through a metal kissing gate and take the left hand path going 1/2 L across field. ( Here you are crossing the remains of an old priory and will notice the typical ridge and furrow topography.)

Take the metal kissing gate in the field corner and stay 1/2 L across next field eventually meeting and continuing to follow the River Arrow on your L.  Shortly we need to take the metal kissing gate L and the footbridge across the river now walking along a fenced path with river R.  The path soon swings sharp L and continues with tall hedge on L to reach a kissing gate. Take gate to reach surfaced track and go R to reach the main road in Studley opposite the Barley Mow pub, which is an option for refreshment.

Turn L along main road which soon brings you back to your starting point in Bell Lane. The Bell Inn opposite is another choice for refreshment.

All the paths, bridleways and roads we have used in these instructions are public rights of way as designated on Ordnance Survey maps. Following the instructions and walking tips on this web site in no way constitutes any liability on 41 Club that such routes or tips are safe or suitable. 

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