Priors Marston to Chipping WardenChipping Warden to Priors Marston

Walking instructions & Map for walking from West to East & East to West

Chipping Warden - Priorsmarston

Priors Marston to Chipping Warden

Face war memorial in Priors Marston. Go R and follow the road towards Priors Hardwick. After 100 paces turn R into Hardwick Road. As road turns right go ahead along track to stile.

Take stile and go R to  find mid fence bridge. Take bridge and go 1/2 L to take mid fence metal gate, and ahead on same line to further mid fence metal gate. Take gate and go with fence L 15 paces to corner of paddock. Turn R and go with fence L to exit paddock by metal gate, and then take stile into field. Go L with hedge L, take stile and continue along hedge. At power lines go R and follow power lines to gate at far side of field.

Through gate onto drive - turn R. After 30 paces take gate L and go ahead to far L corner of field. Through gate and gate opposite go with hedge R and power lines to end of field and hidden stile, take stile and go 1/2 L to stile at corner of field by barn.

Take stile and go L, pass in front of barn and take right hand gate. Turn R to find far mid hedge gate to road. Cross road and go through gate opposite. Continue uphill with hedge L. Go through small metal gate and continue between row of trees. Take next gate onto wide path between hedges. Path swings L.

Go through gate ahead and just after dew pond take gate on L. Head straight across field to R corner of coppice. Continue to end of field with coppice L. Go through gap in hedge to enter second field and after 40 paces turn L through coppice and continue straight ahead with hedge L to large gap at end of field by mixed coppice. Go through gap leaving this coppice to the R.

Turn R, and with coppice R follow edge of field bearing L on corner pass dew pond R. At corner of field go over bridge and continue straight ahead across field and through gap in hedge. (Ordnance Survey mapping amendment - Follow text instructions shown in italic) Turn L with hedge L and at end of field go through gap in hedge. Turn R with hedge R and follow edge of field for 50 paces, before gap turn L with ditch R. After 40 paces, turn R over bridge.

Go ahead 1/2 L across field to find mid hedge gap with ditch bridge. Take bridge and continue across field to find gap. Go with fence R to gate Take stile and through rough ground to find gated bridge. Take bridge turn R to take gate to road. Turn L, pass through gateway, and as road goes up hill take cycle track on R. At end of track join road, going straight on and over main road to Church Road. Continue for 1/2 mile to Lower Boddington.

After the road turns right and go downhill take the footpath to L opposite Sears Farmhouse. Path continues between fences to become lane, follow lane to road. Cross road and continue ahead on track. Turn R immediately after Paradise Farm gate and take wooden gate. Go 1/2 L to corner of small paddock and take wooden gate. Go with fence R to field corner and then take L gate. Cross bridge and take further gate L. Go with fence R pass dilapidated stile at field end. Take gap and continue with hedge R, continue with fence R until start of hedge R.

AT this point go 1/2 L across field to mid hedge stile. Go through coppice to stile and after stile go 1/4 L to far corner of field. Through gap to road and turn R. Go to road junction and turn L. As road turns R go straight on through gate across field to find gate.

Through gate and go with hedge R. Go through gate and across field past two trees to mid hedge gap, cross next field to hedge gap - do not take gap stay in field and go L with hedge R. Go half way down field to where hedge goes R. Go 1/4 L to cross field and find mid hedge gap. Go over bridge and straight ahead to wood. Turn L at wood and after 30 paces go through gateway at wood corner.

Go uphill with wood R, and at end of field turn R through gateway. Turn L with hedge L and go through gate. Continue with hedge R and past farm shed. Through gate onto road, turn R and then L after 20 paces to take stile L. Go with hedge L. At end of long field cross two stiles and go 1/4 L to gate in L fence. Through gate. Go 3/4 R pass house with large dew pond L to find and take mid fence stile.

Straight across field onto track and after some 20 paces go R on path through spinney. Over stile  and continue with hedge R to stile. Go along alleyway, past buildings to stile onto road. Go R along road round bend to junction with A361. Turn L and as main road turns L go straight ahead into Culworth Road. The Griffin Pub is on the L.

Chipping Warden to Priors Marston

Facing "The Griffin" public house in Chipping Warden 01295 660311, Go L to junction of roads. Go L on main road opposite (A361), with buildings R. Take first road R (Appletree Road). Follow road round L bend and after some 300 paces road swings R, take footpath on L side of road before bend.

Make way through buildings and passageway / alleyway with fence L, over stile, continue with fence L to stile. Take stile into spinney. Go through spinney to field. Ahead across centre of large field, aiming for house roof top to find and take fence stile adjacent to large oak tree. Go 1/2 L, pass dew pond R to find gate in L corner of field.

Take gate with fence R to mid field stile, and then to mid fence stile with 2nd stile into field, continue with R fence / hedge R to find and take stile to L of gate to road. Turn R 20 paces on road, then go L take gate, and ahead to pass behind cattle sheds. Go with field edge L to end of field, R and L through gate, and go with hedge R.

At field end, before copse, turn R then L - go with copse L down hill through gateway, turn L, and then after 30 paces go R across field, keep previous line (to centre of far field edge) to find bridge over steam . Cross stream, continue ahead to L field edge, continue with hedge on L (Watch for gateway L approximately 3/4 way up field). Do not go through gateway, but turn immediately R at 90 degrees across field.

Through hedge gap, continue same line past mid field tree to middle hedge gate. Continue with hedge L to field end, bear 1/4 L across field to road.

Go R and take first R turn. Before stream take gap L to field with hedge and stream R. At hedge corner go 1/4 L ahead across field to mid fence stile. Through copse to stile to vast field. Go ahead, slightly L, to meet L field hedge, continue with hedge / fence L (ignore gated gap L) to end of field. Go 10 paces R to find stile. Take stile into field and continue same line with fence L to take top field gate.

Turn R, over stream, go ahead with fence left to take stile before buildings.  Take stile and go with fence R to find mid fence stile leading to driveway. Turn L on vehicle drive way to road.

Cross over road and go ahead on lane between houses which becomes vehicle track - continue to end of track to footpath with fence either side, to road.

Go R on road for 1/2 mile into Upper Boddington to main road. Over main road to Frog Lane, go ahead round L bend and immediately take cycle track R to road.

Turn L on road. At end of houses pass through gateway and after some 30 paces take gate R. (Ordnance Survey mapping amendment - Follow text instructions shown in italic) - Go with hedge R to bridge. Take gate at end of bridge. Go 1/2 R, through rough ground to gate. Take gate and go with fence L to gap. Go 1/2 L across field to hedge gap with bridge. Take bridge, go ahead 1/4 L to find hedge gap with bridge, take bridge over ditch then go L with ditch L. At ditch end turn R with hedge L and after 50 paces, exit L by corner gap.

Go with hedge R to exit field by corner gap. Go up field valley ahead to gap in trees to find ditch bridge. Take bridge and go with spinney L, around field. At far hedge gap go L on bridleway with hedge R. At field end, go through gap in spinney, turn R and go with spinney R for short distance to field corner gap. Continue ahead with spinney R to exit by corner gap. Go ahead over field to mid fence gate, turn R, pass dew pond R through small gate and follow grassy corridor with hedges L and R. Corridor swings R leading to gate with hedge R. Continue ahead down through avenue of trees and fields to road.

Cross road, go ahead over field to L corner gate (R of buildings). Through gateway, pass in front of barn to driveway. Take stile immediately R, go 1/2 L across field to corner stile. Over stile, and second stile, and ahead with hedge and power lines L to corner gate. Take gate opposite and go 1/4 R, parallel with power lines, to mid fence gate, to farm driveway - turn R for 30 paces then L through gate along line of power lines to far side of field.

 At far side of field (Do not go through gate) turn L and go with hedge R. Take stile out of field and after 120 paces ignore new metal gate but take next stile R through dip to metal gate into paddock.

Go with hedge R to corner of paddock. Turn L and continue 15 paces with fence R to exit by metal gate. Ahead 1/2 L to take mid fence metal gate and ahead on same to take corner field bridge over stream. Continue line but go to R of house and find stile L. Take stile to track / drive to road, turn R on road. At next junction turn L to come to Priors Marston War Memorial.