Inkberrow to Coughton / Coughton to Inkberrow

Walking instructions & Map for walking from West to East & East to West

Coughton - Inkberrow Map

Inkberrow to Coughton

Stand on grassy track with back to kissing gate at end of Tuer Way - go R on track. Take stile and go with hedge L for 70 paces, then some 20 paces R to hedge end, turn L to go with hedge L through fields to road (Stonehouse Farm).

Turn R at road and go some 250 paces to find footpath L just before house, follow path into sports field, go with hedge L to find field corner stile.

Cross stile and go with hedge L for some 50 paces to find mid fence stile. Take stile and go ahead with hedge R through two fields to road. Over road, through gate and go with hedge L. At bend in field take stile in corner.

Head diagonally down field to bottom corner to find stile. Take stile to road, go R 10 paces and take stile R. Go straight up steep slope to find stile at top of hill. Take stile and go L around field edge with hedge L, ignoring gaps on L, to far field corner gate. Take gate, follow grassy track, and after 30 paces find gates R.

Take gate and go ahead with hedge L to corner of field. At field corner go R 20yds to take kissing gate L into small thicket with pond L.

Make way through tree plantation to exit by 3 bar fence stile to field. Turn L and cross field to R of large tree to stile. Cross stile go with hedge R to gated bridge / stile in corner of field. Cross bridge / stile and go 1/2 R to find gated bridge / stile by telegraph pole.

Take stile, and go with hedge R to find corner gate R by cottage with thatched roof. Take gate and follow driveway to road. Cross road, over stile to R of driveway, into cottage yard, into fiel

Go with hedge R through field to corner scrub and through scrub to stile. Take stile and go ahead, at field corner go L 50 paces to find gate R. Take gate and go with hedge R to come to road.

Turn R onto road and follow to Big Bouts Farm. Take farm drive and follow track round R through gate. Follow track, ignore gate ahead when track bends L, go towards 5 bar metal gate at end of track.

Before reaching the gate bear 1/2 Left (L) looking for gated bridge in the hedgeline ahead. Cross over stream and straight over two fields to cross wooden bridge over steam. Cross bridge and ahead by a paddock with pond and jetty R. By garden R to take stile to L of Mearse Farm, ahead some 10 paces take stile L.

Go R with hedge R to find corner fence stile. Take fence stile and go 1/2 L to mid fence stile. Take stile and go R through coppice to find stile to road.

Turn L on road after some 200 paces take footpath L wide gap. Follow path with hedge on R. Some 80 paces before field end take gated gap in hedge. Go through gap and go with hedge L, passing Gas Compound on L to gate.

Take gate and follow track to gate to road. Cross road and take stile, go ahead with hedge R, pass through some 6 fields maintaining line. (Note at bridge with numerous waymarks continue ahead). Eventually come to kissing gate leading to passageway to road.

Go L on road to T junction. Turn R, pass side Neville Arms L to main road.

Cross main road and take stile L of Gas sub station. Go with hedge L to exit field by stile to wood. Through wood and exit by stile into field.

Go 1/2 R to find fence. Go with fence R to find mid fence stile. Take stile and make way through wood to exit by stile on to slope. Go L 5 paces up slope then R along field edge following path R down though trees to lower field. Go to L of isolated building and bend L round the base of field mound to find corner gate.

Take gate and go R down grassy vehicle way to cross drive and go with field hedge R. After second set of over head power lines take wide gap and bend R and continue ahead with hedge L. Pass through one field and in vast second field go with hedge L - do not take gaps left - some 40 paces before end of field - take wooden bridge over stream L.

Go ahead across field to go with hedge R. Exit field by far R corner gap to road.

Go R on road for some 40 paces and take secondary road L signed Coughton follow lane for 1 mile to come to main A435. Cross road to find travellers monument outside Coughton Court.

Coughton to Inkberrow

Find a pedestrian crossing on main road A435 in front of Coughton Court, Close by is an ancient monument where travellers prayed. From monument cross road and go up Coughton Lane for approximately 1 mile.

t T junction turn R on B4090 for 40 paces to find hedge gap L into field, go with hedge L. Where hedge finishes go ahead to hedge opposite to find wooden footbridge. Take bridge over steam

Go R, round field edge with hedge R  do not take gaps R. At end of vast field continue through next field with hedge R and after some 150 paces take large gap, bend L  and continue with hedge L.  Exit field by gate to drive. Cross drive to take gate and go ahead up track.

At end of track take gate L and bend R round base of field mound to pass to close R of isolated brick building. Take rough path leading up through trees to field, go L along field edge to take stile into woodland, through woodland to exit stile into field. Go L to take stile some 30 paces in from left hand corner, into woodland. Exit woodland by stile and go with hedge R to find stile to roa

Cross main road, and take secondary road The Saltway passing side of Neville Arms on R. Turn L into Brandheath Lane and follow until end of lane. Turn R into passageway, through small gate into field, go ahead with hedge L. Take corner gate and continue ahead with hedge L to exit by stile, maintain line ahead under power cables. Exit field by bridge to go ahead by stiles through three fields to road.

Cross road and go ahead on track to enter field by gate, ahead with hedge L to exit by gate. Go ahead with gas compound on R to find field. Go R and ahead with hedge R, after some 150 paces find gates R. Take gates and go L with hedge L to road.

Go R on road and follow until footpath on R (Bouts). Take path through copse until stile on L. Over stile and go 1/2 R towards isolate houses. Find metal gate with fence stile R. Take stile and ahead with hedge L to find stile L. Take stile and go 10 paces R with ditch R to take stile beside garden and on with paddock L with pond and jetty L to exit paddock by bridge over stream.

o ahead over field to take gate and ahead over further field to find gated bridge in the hedgeline over a stream. After crossing the bridge bear 1/2 Left (L) towards Left (L) side field hedge with track. Turn Right (R) to follow vehicle track (ignore gates L) and track bends R to come to track end gateway. Take gateway and pass in front of farm (Big Bouts Farm) to road. Go R on road. After some 325 yards, just before Lower Bouts Farm take gate L up grassy passage way leading to gate to field. Take gate and ahead with hedge L to find field corner stile. Take stile and through shrub to field, Go L with hedge left to find gap/gateway leading to overgrown house driveway. Take hidden stile 5 paces to L of driveway entrance, to road (B4092)

Cross road, through gate, down driveway, keep cottage on L. Take gate into field. Go with hedge hedge L to exit by stile to bridge. Go  L to pass under power lines and take stile and metal bridge. Go with hedge L to exit by corner stile. Maintain line across large field to far R corner to find concrete standing, with stile between two metal gates.

Take fence and go up narrow grassy track, through wooded strip, pass under pylons, and exit by gate to field. Go ahead to far R corner gate. Take gate and go 1/2 L some 30 paces on grassy track to find gate.Take gate and go R with hedge / trees R to corner, follow round corner and after some 30 paces find stile R.

Take stile and go down steep hill to road. Go L on road for 10 paces to find stile L. Take stile and go  R up field to find corner stile. Take stile and go ahead with hedge R to road. Cross road and take gate to go ahead with hedge L, and in second field take far L corner stile and ahead with hedge R to exit by corner stile leading to sports field.

Through sports field with hedge on R to corner. Take footpath to road. Turn R follow road to Stonehouse farm. Turn L on unmarked footpath to go with hedge R. Follow hedge round field edge to exit by stile leading to grassy track.

Follow track for some 150 paces to kissing gate at end of Tuer Way.