Leamington Spa to Cubbington / Cubbington to Leamington Spa

Walking instructions & Map for walking from West to East & East to West

Cubbington - Leamington Spa Map

Leamington Spa to Cubbington

Face the side of Leisure Centre at Newbold Comyn, Leamington Spa from road. Go L into Comyn along metalled road. 

Follow metalled road to pass Paul Putz International Play Area R to find car park L

Enter car park go along L edge to exit by 5 bar metal gate to well worn track.

Go R on track, pass car park and second car park R. After some 150 paces take wide gap L to abandoned golf course.( Tees and greens still visible.)

Cross abandoned golf course fairway and then ahead with hedge L (pleasant views over old course R).

At end of hedge come to cinder track running left to right.

Cross track and take hedge gap with foot bridge.

Turn right to follow path round edge of field and through kissing gate to Redhouse Farm drive. Go L on drive and after some 30 paces go R through gap into field.

Ahead across field to cross wooden bridge and find gap to R of wood. Ahead keep Runghills Wood on L.  At corner of wood turn L and continue with wood on L. At end of wood exit across ditch / bridge. Turn L and follow field edge L to find hedge gap, wth high-rise flats beyond.  Go through hedge, turn R and go with hedge on R to exit field. In 10 paces find metal kissing-gate R.  Take kissing gate and go L up field to kissing-gate.  Go through gate to pass cottage and barns on L.  Continue ahead past house on R to concrete road.

Follow road downhill to end of hedge on L. Leave road to go straight ahead across field to field corner.  In approx 5 paces, turn R through hedge and immediately L uphill, keeping hedge on L.  Proceed downhill to take kissing gate at junction with Offchurch Road.

Cross road and turn L. Proceed 160 metres to turn R into Queen Street.  Follow Queen Street through village past shops, into High Street to come to St. Mary�s Church. Go ahead to find Kings Head Pub .

Cubbington to Leamington Spa

Face The King's Head pub at Cubbington. Go R downhill to junction with Church Lane. Cross ahead into High street, with Old Manor House on L.

Follow High Street into village centre, where it becomes Queen's Street. Continue ahead past shops and The Queen's Head pub to junction with Windmill Hill.

Turn L into Offchurch Road, and in 160 metres cross road R to kissing gate in hedge.

Take gate and follow well-trodden path uphill, with hedge on R. Note tower block on horizon.  Proceed downhill to corner of field and turn R through hedge.  Turn immediately L and cross field ahead to pick up concrete road.  Continue uphill past house on L and barns on R to kissing-gate by cottage.

Go through kissing-gate and down the field to kissing gate at bottom R.  Go through and turn immediately L to follow hedge on L with tower block on R.

After some 300 metres, find hedge gap L before line of tall trees. Take gap and then go R with hedge R.  Follow path around field edge to come to wood R. At corner of wood (Runghills), turn sharp right over ditch / bridge.  Continue ahead with wood on R. At corner of wood turn R with wood still on R.

At end of wood go ahead across field, with hedge R, to find and take sleeper bridge, continue ahead towards Redhouse Farm to find L corner field gap.

Take gap and ahead to driveway. Go L on drive and after some 30 paces go R with fence L to take kissing gate into field. Go with hedge L at field corner go R and watch for hedge gap L. Take gap and cross ditch bridge by  railway sleepers to enter Newbold Comyn Park.

Cross cinder path and go ahead with hedge R over abandoned golf course, finally over old fairway, (tees and greens still visible,) to find wide hedge gap leading to well worn path. Go R on path and after some 150 paces note car parks L, at end of second car park leave path by 5 bar metal gate, through car park to metalled road. Go R on road, pass Paul Putz International Play area L and continue to Newbold Comyn Leisure Centre.