Henley in Arden to Hockley Heath / Hockley Heath to Henley in Arden

Walking instructions & Map for walking from West to East & East to West

Hockley Heath - Henley In Arden Map

Henley in Arden to Hockley Heath

From the church of St John the Baptist on High Street, Henley. Go up adjacent road,  Beaudesert Lane, cross bridge, pass a church L to find kissing gate giving access to footpath leading up the hill to Motte & Bailey ruins.

Follow the highest path (do not descend) for about 1 mile eventually go under power lines to find corner. Ignore stiles and go L along ridge with hedge R and panoramic views L. Take stile (Heart of England Way) and go 1/2 L to field edge, take stile into wooded area, go L. At junction of paths go ahead, continuing in wooded area for some 90 paces to take path L to exit by stile.

Go ahead with hedge L to come to ridge with fine view, go  R carefully down hill to find stile between two metal gates. Take stile and go L across field centre to find stile adjacent to gate leading to path alongside gate entrance and then parallel to the lane to find gap.

Take gap and go R on lane for about 300 yards. At T junction take road R and after 15 paces take  kissing R. Go ahead over field to take mid fence metal kissing gate and then ahead to come to wooden kissing gate.

Take gate and go ahead straight up steep hill to find corner stile.

Cross stile, go through copse and exit by stile to field. Ahead down field to find kissing gate. Take gate ahead with fence and hedge R to follow round field edge to exit some 50 paces before top right field corner by metal kissing gate R. Go L with hedge L to find and take gate in metal gate. Go R and follow round field edge to come to tarmac driveway.

Go R on driveway and immediately L to follow grassy track. Take path L of power poles with transformer to pass under power cables and up field edge with fence and barns R, passing under high power cables. At top right field corner, by copse, go R to find hedge gap to farm driveway. Go L to road junction.

Turn right and walk for about a mile until you reach a staggered crossroads.  Go ahead on (Tapster Lane), after sharp L hand bend,  pass Holly Tree Cottage on L, and continue on road which drops down and bends L. Look for stile L just before large Oak Tree

(Ordnance Survey mapping amendment - Follow text instructions shown in italic) Take stile and go ahead with hedge R to field corner stile. Go L 15 paces to find stile. Take stile and go R with hedge R. Some 50 paces before field end find hidden hedge gap R. Go through gap, over bridge and kissing gate. Go down field with hedge R to find far L field corner kissing gate. Take gate go 10 paces, and take stile and bridge to road.

Cross road and go ahead on rough vehicle way. After some 100 paces take kissing gate L into field. Go with hedge R leading into scrub to find stile. Cross stile and over narrow field, through gate in gate, ahead and take further gate in gate, heading for motorway bridge. Make way over M40 motorway via stiles and steps.

Some 20 paces after motorway bridge take stile R and go through tree line to enter field. Go  R to find hedge gap. Through gap and go with hedge  L. Ahead find groundsman's buildings with courtyard by driveway, go R on driveway to exit property leading to narrow lane.

Turn right and go up lane to find St Mary's church. At church go L down footpath with tree line R to find kissing gate. Take kissing gate and go ahead over hill to come to gated bridge.

Cross stile / bridge and go R (no waymark) with stream R to find corner stile, over stile and continue ahead along narrow field to corner gate / stile. Go up centre of field to end of tree line and find stile by gate. Take stile and go ahead with hedge R to find corner kissing gate.

Pass through farm buildings to find farm driveway leading to bridge over canal. Cross bridge and turn L going with canal L.

Walk along side canal for about 1 mile until you reach The Wharf Tavern public house.

Hockley Heath to Henley in Arden

From front of The Wharf Tavern in Hockley Heath make your way through pub car park to find bridge L leading to canal. Go on tow path with canal R. Pass a drawbridge; Swallow Cruisers and under road bridge to come to swing bridge. Cross canal and follow vehicle track into Drawbridge Farm. Pass front of farm building and take kissing gate to left of right hand gate.

Go with fence L to find far corner stile. Take stile and go ahead down field to find far L corner stile by gate. Take stile and go L on narrow filed with hedge L to find R corner stile by gate. Take stile and pass dew pond, continue with hedge L to find gate and bridge over steam. Take gate and go up field towards church tower of St Mary's Lapworth. Exit field by stile and go up small field to find stile to road. Go R on road.

After 120 paces go L on drive with Leylandii trees R to take stile to L of gate. Follow driveway pass greenhouses to end to find ground staff buildings with gated courtyard. Turn L onto gravelled drive and go ahead 50 paces on driveway with hedge R. Find and take way marked hedge gap right  and continue line down towards motorway with hedge L. Take gap through tree line at field end to find stile to vehicle track and bridge over motorway.

Cross motorway bridge. After crossing bridge take stile L and go down steps, keep to line of fence at bottom of steps. At end of fencing continue ahead over bridge / stile to field. Go ahead across centre of field, passing through gate in gate, and then under pylons to further gate within a gate to exit. Head across narrow part of field to find stile into scrub. Go ahead through scrub into field, and ahead with hedge L to exit by far L corner stile to rough vehicle way. Go R on vehicle way down to lane.

(Ordnance Survey mapping amendment - Follow text instructions shown in italic) Cross the lane to take bridge and stile, turn immediately left and take kissing gate into the field. Go with hedge L around field edge up to far corner kissing gate. Take gate and bridge to go through short scrub into field, go L with hedge L. Approximately half way down field, pass large gap left and after further 25 paces find stile L. Take stile and go ahead with hedge L to take corner stile to road (Look out for lovely blackberries in hedge in August).

Go R on road to reach staggered crossroads.  Go ahead on, Irelands Lane. After about a mile go L to driveway to Irelands Farm. After some 15 paces take hedge gap R. Though gap and go L down field edge, under pylons to exit field by bottom L field gap onto driveway. Go R and after 5 paces go L. Walk on edge of field, not on grassy vehicle way.

Go up field edge to end of field to find gate in metal gate. Take gate, go ahead with hedge R, after 40 paces, take kissing gate R. Go L with hedge L to follow round field edge to exit by corner kissing gate.

Go up field with hedge L, to end of spinney. Go ahead up crossing open field to hedge stile into copse. Through copse and exit by stile (enjoy panoramic view). Go ahead down hill, aiming to R of buildings, to find mid fence kissing gate, take gate and go ahead through two kissing gates to finally come to road.

Go L on road, after 15 paces at T junction take fork L and go ahead to pass between remains of disused railway bridge either side of road. Immediately afterwards take gap L to public footpath running parallel with driveway, leading round to stile into field. Go directly ahead over middle of field to pass 5 paces to L of the gate to find and take a corner stile R.

Go  L up hill and ahead to far R corner to find corner stile. Take stile into wooded area and ahead / R to follow path in wooded area to junction of paths. Go ahead and exit wooded area by stile. Go  L across field to take field corner stile. Go L along hill top with hedge L and views R. At gateway go ahead down under power lines and then up to mounds hiding Motte & Bailey ruins.

Stay on top of mounds, until descending to L corner kissing gate leading to road. Go R on road to pass lynch Gate of St Marys Church, over stream, to finally  join High Street at corner with St John the Baptist Church.