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The 44 Short Walks of the MILLENNIUM WAY
            by Peter Travis

HAPPY NEW YEAR - I have now completed the 44 circular walks, allowing you to complete every inch of the MILLENNIUM WAY by walking each of these delightful circular walks. Each Walk includes a section of the MILLENNIUM WAY enabling you to walk the entire length of the MILLENNIUM WAY in easy stages, and to receive the coveted Certificate of Achievement, including the honour of a listing on the Honours Board. Enjoy the walks. 
Sincerely yours, Peter Travis - Circular Walks Manager

Broughton Hackett New End Berkswell (East) Barston Hockley Heath Packwood Flyford Flavell Hunningham Inkberrow (West) Warwick Town Berkswell (West) Balsall Common Leamington Spa Napton Lias & Stockton Locks Egdon Henley in Arden (East) Henley in Arden (West) Upper Boddington White Ladies Hellidon Coughton Priors Marston Kenilworth Stockton Long Itchington Offchurch Cubbington Alcester Burton Green Claydon Heronfield Chipping Warden Cropredy Pershore Stoulton Kingswood Middleton Cheney Upton Snodsbury Inkberrow (East) Meriden Meer End Studley Leek Wotton

44 individual Circular Walks link the entire length of the MILLENNIUM WAY - each allowing you to experience a section of this great walk.

 The Circular Walks range between 3 and 10 miles in length.

Most of these walks start at, or close to, a public house for the convenience of obtaining refreshment after the walk. Usually the landlord will be happy for you to park in the pub car park, however it would be courteous to check this with the landlord beforehand.

Decide on the area in which you would like to walk - highlight the number nearest your choice on the map above and click to get full walking instructions, then put on those walking boots and enjoy.

.... or take link below for full walking instructions:-

Walk 1 - Broughton Hackett - 3 miles
Walk 2 - New End- 3 miles
Walk 3 - Berkswell (East) - 3 miles
Walk 4 - Barston - 4 miles
Walk 5 - Hockley Heath - 4 miles
Walk 6 - Packwood - 4 miles
Walk 7 - Flyford Flavell - 4 miles
Walk 8 - Hunningham - 4 miles
Walk 9 - Inkberrow (West) - 4 miles
Walk10- Warwick - 4 miles
Walk11- Berkswell (West) - 4 miles
Walk12- Balsall Common - 5 miles
Walk13- Leamington Spa - 5 miles
Walk14- Napton - 5 miles
Walk15- LIas & Stockton Locks - 5 miles
Walk16- Egdon - 5 miles
Walk17- Henley-in-Arden (East) - 5 miles
Walk18- Henley-in-Arden (West) - 5 miles
Walk19- Upper Boddington - 5 miles
Walk20- White Ladies Aston - 5 miles
Walk21- Hellidon - 5 miles
Walk22- Priors Marston - 5 miles
Walk23- Coughton - 6 miles
Walk24- Kenilworth - 6 miles
Walk25- Stockton - 6 miles
Walk26- Long Itchington - 6 miles
Walk27- Offchurch - 6 miles
Walk28- Cubbington - 6 miles
Walk29- Alcester - 7 miles
Walk30- Burton Green - 7 miles
Walk31- Claydon - 7 miles
Walk32- Heronfield - 7 miles
Walk33- Leek Wootton - 7 miles
Walk34- Cropredy - 7 miles
Walk35- Kingswood - 7 miles
Walk36- Middleton Cheney - 7 miles
Walk37- Stoulton - 7 miles
Walk38- Upton Snodsbury - 7 miles
Walk39- Inkberrow (East) - 8 or 6 miles
Walk40- Meriden - 8 miles
Walk41- Pershore - 8 or 6 miles
Walk42- Studley - 8 miles
Walk43- Meer End - 9 or 6 miles
Walk44- Chipping Warden - 10 or 5 miles

All the paths, bridleways and roads we have used in these instructions are public rights of way as designated on Ordnance Survey maps. Following the instructions and walking tips on this web site in no way constitutes any liability on 41 Club that such routes or tips are safe or suitable.  

If you have any questions or suggestions about this site, or the Millennium Way walks, please contact us by using the icon below:

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