North Piddle to Inkberrow / Inkberrow to North Piddle

Walking instructions & Map for walking from West to East & East to West

Inkberrow - North Piddle Map

North Piddle to Inkberrow

Stand at cross roads in North Piddle with back to Church Lane. Go R, pass Moat House, after some 250 paces take signed gap R.

Go up slope with hedge R to find double fence stile. Take stile and go ahead with hedge R to exit field by stile. Go ahead with hedge R to take kissing gate, go immediately R and take kissing gate. Go L with  hedge L to take gate, continue with hedge L to take far corner gate. Go  L up field. Exit field by right hand of two stiles. 

Go L with hedge and fence L to pass between two dew ponds to take stile. Go ahead to take gate, then L around tennis court to come to driveway. Go L on driveway to road at Flyford Flavell.

Turn R on road to pass church and shop and then The Boot pub R at road junction. Proceed straight across  road junction and follow road. Pass speed de-restriction sign and after some 40 paces take gate L.

Go ahead with fence R across field to metal gate. Take gate and go ahead with hedge L. The village of Kington can be seen on the hill to your R. At the end of the field take stile some 20 paces to R of gateway.

Go directly across centre of field to find stile. Take stile and go ahead over next field, passing dew pond R, to come to mid hedge stile. 

Take stile and go R to follow round field edge with hedge R. Ignore path R over stream, but continue to follow round field with hedge R to corner gap leading to road.

Crossing the road go slightly to the R and cross over stile. Go R and pass house on R, maintain line to find mid hedge stile.

Cross stile, go ahead, with wire fence L. pass copse L and exit field by large metal gate. Go 1/2 L to take  double stile / plank bridge then go ahead slightly L to take  further double stile / plank bridge.

Go 1/2 L to left-hand corner field stile. Take stile and go down field under power cables to find far bottom field corner. Some 30 paces to L of corner take double gated bridge over stream. Go  ½ R across up field to take gateway to road (A422).

Opposite is a minor road to Dormston. Cross main road and take this minor road going ahead for approx 1/3 mile. Find double metal gate opposite the entrance to Hill Farmhouse Bed & Breakfast and take fence gap to L of gate. 

Go ahead on track. At end of outbuildings continue ahead with hedge L to field edge gap. Continue ahead with hedge L. At end of hedge go 1/2 L down field to find gap some 15 paces to R of field corner.

Take gap into coppice. Go ahead 5 paces and then L to take wooden gate in corner. Go diagonally R across centre of field to far field corner hedge. Up short grassy corridor to take gap to field. Go diagonally L under two sets of power lines to exit by metal gate with Millennium Way waymarker.

Go ahead over track to keep fence R and take corner metal gate R. Go immediatly L through another metal gate to post 30 yards ahead. Turn R at post to go at the back of stables R and between barns.   

After passing between barns go ahead over field stile. Go 1/2 R over field to take Stile/Bridge/Stile in sunken hedge gap. Go ahead across field to exit by stile and ditch bridge. Go 1/4 L up field to take stile in mid hedge gap.

Ahead with hedge L and houses R to take small wooden gate to L of 5 bar wooden gate. Go ahead to another gate.

Continue on track to road. Go 1/2 L across road to take steps up to alleyway between properties. Go ahead up grassy way with houses L. Exit to path with kissing gate ahead (Info - Kissing gate ahead leads to Tuer Way, Inkberrow) )

Inkberrow to North Piddle

Stand on track with back to kissing gate at the end of Tuer Way, Inkberrow. Take Millennium Way marker ahead with houses R and exit by steps to road. Go 1/2 L to find signed cinder track.

Take cinder track to find small wooden gate to R of 5 bar wooden gate. Continue ahead past houses L to another gate on carry on to find stile in field corner. Cross field to take mid hedge ditch bridge and stile. Go ahead to find stile/bridge/stile leading to small field. Go 
½ R to find and take field stile. Go ahead between barns to waymarked post and turn L. 

After approx 30 yards take 5 bar metal gate then immediatly R through another 5 bar metal gate and go L with fence L to cross track and ahead to gap with another 5 bar gate into field. Go diagonally R across field, under two sets of power cables ( here you may have to negotiate some electrified paddock fences ) to take corner gap. Take short corridor with trees L to field.  Go
½ L down field corner to take wooden gate leading into coppice. Go ahead 5 paces and then R to find gap into field. 

½ L up field to find field corner way post.  Go 1/2 R with hedge R to take corner field gap.  Go ahead with hedge R to track.  Go ahead on track with farm outbuildings R to find gap to R of double metal gates leading to minor road.  Go L down minor road 1/3 mile to T junction (ignore footpath R).  Cross road (A422) and take metal gate opposite into field.

In field go ½ R across field towards R of buildings on horizon to find double gated bridge over stream. Cross bridge, go  R up field under power lines to find stile.

Cross stile and go 1/2 L across narrow field to take double stile and plank bridge. Go ahead to take a further double stile, and plank bridge then 1/2 L to take large metal gate in hedge.

Proceed directly ahead, keeping fence enclosing tree growing area to R to find stile. Cross stile and continue ahead with house to L to exit by far L corner metal stile to road. Go directly across road and follow footpath sign into field. Go with hedge L to top field corner.

Go R some 20 paces and take stile in hedge gap into the next field and continue directly ahead across the field. In the L hand corner of the field is a fenced off pond and the stile is adjacent and to R of pond.

Take stile and proceed over centre of field towards mid hedge gateway. Cross stile to left of gateway and continue ahead with hedge R. At the end of the field there is a gate. Take gate and cross narrow field with fence L to metal gate. Take gate onto minor road. Turn R walking ahead into the village of Flyford Flavell.

Continue past road junction and the Boot Inn to the Church. Pass Church and take driveway L. Go up driveway and around tennis court. At end of tennis court take gate R and ahead with fence L to find stile.

Take stile and pass between dew ponds. Go with fence and hedge R around paddock to find stile.

Take stile and go 1/2 L across field to far corner stile.

Take stile and go ahead with hedge R to gate. Take gate continue with hedge R to field end and kissing gate R.  

Take kissing gate and next immediate kissing gate. Go ahead with hedge L to exit field by kissing gate. Go ahead with hedge L to exit by corner field stile and ahead to exit field by double fence stile. Go ahead down slope to road. Go L on road to come to crossroads at North Piddle.