Latest News

STOP PRESS   We have now launched our 10 Day Millennium Way Challenge, complete with suggested overnight accommodation and lunch stops. We know the 5 Day Challenge is really tough - this is much less tough, but still a challenge, especially if you take everything you need on your backs! Take a look on our Challenge page.

STOP PRESS  We have just added David White to our Roll of Honour - he did our trail in sections a while ago, but we never knew!

STOP PRESS  Well done Steven Fisher who completed his last circular in late September - your certificate is on its way.

STOP PRESS    Our Chairman Barry, his wife Rachel and friend Sarah have completed the new 10-Day challenge. The weather was perfect. Barry and the team were welcomed into Leamington Spa by Mayor Susan Rasmussen and greeted at the end in Pershore by friends and family. Well done Barry, Rachel and Sarah. We just heard that they appeared on page 15 in the Pershore Times 

STOP PRESS   At the end of August, Ruth Harris and her friend completed the linear trail in 13 bites. Ruth has been doing a blog and some fabulous sketches of scenes along the way, which we hope to publish soon. Ruth says "Thank you so much for your support and generosity over my walk on the Millennium Way . The final total raised is £1,100. My charity 'Happy at Home' are very pleased , as you can imagine".

STOP PRESS   Andy Ventress, having completed the 44 circulars a month ago, has now completed the 5 day challenge, walking 20 miles on average each day. He reported signage to be excellent and said the weather was warmer than he had expected for September, with not a spot of rain.

STOP PRESS  Another team of 3 walkers are doing the linear west to east in 10 days - one lady is from Solihull Ramblers and her two friends are from Lancaster. We have not yet heard whether they made it!

"Contact us" with your exploits and we might just mention them here!