Kenilworth to Leamington Spa / Leamington Spa to Kenilworth

Walking instructions & Map for walking from West to East & East to West

Leamington Spa - Kenilworth Map

Kenilworth to Leamington Spa

Face Queen and Castle, Kenilworth. Go R on main road round bend to find entrance to Castle Car Park. Take car park entrance and go on service road, pass car park to end of road, swinging L onto track. Follow  path through woodland, bearing L at signpost to Rounds Farm. Exit woodland and continue ahead to large oak. Turn R onto grassy passage signposted Rouncil Lane Ford 1.5 miles.

t end of grassy passage find field. Go L with hedge L to find far field metal corner gate. Take gate turn R, keeping fence to playing field L, (ignore stile L to playing fields) continue to end of fence. Take metal gate and go 1/2 L across field to second metal gate. Take gate and cross concrete footbridge.  

Continue ahead to reach metal field gate to right of farm buildings. Go through gate and  go ahead, ignoring paths to right and left. Follow well-used path, keeping hedge L. Take gate and continue with hedge L. Continue to go with fence R and hedge L to come to metal gate to Rouncil Lane. Take gate and go R on road for 50 paces to find metalled track L leading to Goodrest Farm.

Take metalled track and pass under power cables to find metal kissing gate in hedge L. Take gate, and go with barbed wire fence L to take second kissing gate to R of lone tree. Go 1/4 L to find field edge and old stone bridge, cross bridge and go 1/2 R up field to junction of paths. Do not take path onto golf course but stay in field and go R with hedge L.

At field corner find kissing gate. Take kissing gate and continue with hedge L to find wooden gate. Take gate and continue ahead, ignore mid hedge gate / path L, and with hedge L go under power lines to take metal gate to woo

Follow path through wood to emerge on golf course. (Ordnance Survey mapping amendment - Follow text instructions shown in italic) Go ahead with hedge R and  pylons L. Go through hedge gap and go around field edge to find kissing gate in far right comer.

Take gate and continue ahead, leaving large bank and houses L. At open field go 1/4 L to pass under power lines with Woodloes Farm on right. At junction with metalled track to farm turn L. Follow track to junction with lane. Go R follow lane over A46 (Kenilworth Bypass) to come main road (A429).

Go R on road. Go over large roundabout and ahead up road to come to canal bridge. Before bridge take path R to join towpath and turn L to pass under Bridge 49 in the direction of Leamington.  Pass a number of Narrow Boat repair yards on the way to Bridge 46 (Tesco Superstore).  Continue ahead to Bridge 41. Leave towpath and turn L into Tachbrook Road.

At traffic lights, cross road into Lower Avenue, passing under bridge.  At junction, turn R into Spencer Street and proceed towards Parish Church.  At Church turn L into Victoria Terrace, cross Victoria Bridge and turn R into Jephson Gardens.

Walk through Jephson Gardens; cross Willes Road and follow footpath up through wood to open grass. Walk ahead with trees R to find Newbold Comyn Leisure Centre.

Leamington Spa to Kenilworth

Face side of Leisure Centre at Newbold Common, Leamington Spa on road. Go R, in the direction of Leamington, walk on wide tarmac footpath on L side of road, enjoying trees L, watch for Newbold Terrace East R as trees end and go 1/2 L across grass strip to walk with shrub / trees L. At corner enter into tree line and follow path L down to corner gap to find Willes Road.

Cross road and enter Jephson Gardens by unmarked wrought iron gates. Walk ahead through Gardens and exit opposite Royal Pumps Rooms.

Go L on road to pass over bridge and take first road R (Spencer Street) opposite All Saints Church.

Go L on Lower Avenue, pass under railway bridge to find junction of roads.

Go ahead on right hand side of Tachbrook Road. After some 50 yards, before bridge, find entry to tow path on R.

Go down onto towpath and turn R (Do not go under Bridge 41). After 2 miles go under Bridge 49 and immediately take path up to road.

Go L on road to large roundabout. Continue ahead 300 metres to find Woodloes Lane on left.

ake Woodloes Lane and continue on lane over A46 (Kenilworth Bypass), eventually forking L to Woodloes Farm

100 metres before farm, turn R across field pass under power cables to exit field by gap. Go ahead with brick wall R then ahead across field to pass to L of hump to find metal gate. (Ordnance Survey mapping amendment - Follow text instructions shown in italic) Take gate and follow way-sign L round edge of field to exit by far field corner gap. Go ahead on path with hedge L, path becomes track.

Just before second pylon, take path L to enter woods and follow well-defined pathway through woodland. Exit wood by metal gate and continue ahead with hedge on R (ignore signed path R onto golf course) to find wooden gate. Take gate and ahead to find kissing gate in corner of field, continue ahead towards wood. Some 80 yards before wood, after grassy bank, go 1/2 L down field to cross old stone bridge then ahead to kissing gate by lone tree. Take kissing gate and go ahead across field to exit by kissing gate to driveway.

Turn R and follow metalled road to junction with Rouncil Lane. Go R on road for 50 paces to take metal gate L. Go ahead on well worn track with fence L and hedge R exit by corner gap. Continue ahead with hedge R to exit by metal gat

Go ahead with hedge R to end of field. Take metal gate and go ahead pass large farm on R (Oaks Farm) to find corner concrete bridge. Cross bridge ahead to find metal gate. Take gate and go ahead to field corner to find second metal gate.

Take gate and go ahead with fence R (ignore stile R to playing fields), continue ahead with fence R to find metal gate. Take gate, and ahead with hedge R, pass dew pond R, to come to field corner gap, go R along grassy corridor to exit by gate to driveway.

Go L down drive, through wood, pass car park to road. Go L around Castle perimeter to come to Queen & Castle