Cubbington to Long Itchington / Long Itchington to Cubbington

Walking instructions & Map for walking from West to East & East to West

Long Itchington - Cubbington Map

Cubbington to Long Itchington

Church - Click for larger view!E(177)
Face Kings Head at Cubbington. Go L uphill 75 mtrs to join way-marked footpath alongside children's play area. At end of play area turn R.

Follow footpath downhill, keeping hedge on R. At bottom corner follow path around to L and in 75 mtrs turn R over small metal and concrete bridge. Follow footpath towards wood, keeping hedge on R. At bottom corner follow path around to L and in 50 mtrs turn R into wood (Do not continue round field to waymarked bridge).

Follow path through wood. At exit turn R. (Ignore Pemissive Route on R). Follow path around edge of field towards farm, keeping hedge on R and ignoring footbridge on R.

At bottom comer of field, with farm on L, continue ahead over metal and concrete bridge. With hedge now on L, in 75 mtrs. reach well defined farm track. Turn R uphill to way-mark.

At way-mark turn L and go downhill across field to small concrete bridge. Take kissing gate and continue ahead keeping hedge on L to small brick built building.

Take gate in gate and continue ahead to metal gate and wooden bridge in L comer of field. Cross bridge, with metal gate, leaving farm on R. Continue ahead up field bearing a little L to avoid large hollow in field. Take kissing gate in mid hedge and continue ahead to another kissing gate, cross field to third kissing gate. Continue to pub in distance (Red Lion at Hunningham - aiming for kissing gate left of booster station).

Exit onto road and turn R. Cross road bridge over River Leam.

pposite The Red Lion, cross stile and cross water meadow, with river on right. Ignoring stile on left, proceed to kissing gate and go 1/2 L to pass to L of church and find kissing gate exit to road. Go R and follow road to junction (Sunrise Cottage). Turn L after 20 paces cross road to enter large field.

Proceed uphill and cross stile at top of field. Continue through gap in hedge to cross second stile / bridge and angle slightly left uphill to reach exit stile onto road (by telegraph pole). Turn R on road, after some 100 mtrs at cross roads turn R and after some 400 paces go L on drive way opposite Hill Crest.

Go on driveway that becomes a vehicle track, pass across high bridge over disused railway and ahead on track to come to tree lined lane leading to main road. Cross road and ahead on driveway to find metal gate. Take gate and go ahead downhill to metal gate and road.  

Go L on road and after some 500 paces find hedge gap L adjacent to a telegraph pole. Take gap and go 1/2 R across field to find mid fence hedge stile. Take stile and go 1/4 R to exit field by hedge gap. Ahead on same line, under power lines, to field corner edge. Go L, with hedge R for 40 paces to find rusty old kissing gate R. Take kissing gate, cross over disused railway, and find remnants of a further kissing gate. Take kissing gate and ahead 20 paces to find tubular bridge R. Take bridge and follow path through wood with river R (difficult path but always stay with river R) to exit wood to field. Go R. After some 110 paces find kissing gate.

Take kissing gate, turn L, and follow round edge of field with hedge L. Towards top of field, notice large farm buildings L. Go ahead, take kissing gate keeping fence R and building L to grassy corridor. Exit by metal gate and ahead. At end of buildings by pumping station take metal gate and go 1/2 L across field to take R of two kissing gates leading to passageway. Down passage way to road (Short Lane). Go R and take first road R (Stonebridge Lane).

Ahead on Stonebridge Lane round bend and across bridge over river. After bridge take kissing gate L and walk to kissing gate in far tree line. Do not take kissing gate but stay in field and ahead with fence / ditch R to find corner kissing gate in hrdge. Take kissing gate / bridge / kissing gate and ahead with fence L to take kissing gate to road. Turn L over bridge and in 50 mtrs turn R. to reach Holy Trinity Church in 100 mtrs.

Long Itchington to Cubbington

Face Holy Trinity Church and go R. Take  Bascote Road L signposted 'Bascote'.

Cross bridge over river. In 70 mtrs turn R. (Ignore first stile on R) Go down to take kissing gate into field. Go with fence R to find kissing gate R.  Take kissing gate / bridge / kissing gate and ahead with ditch / fence L, ignore kissing gate L but continue ahead up field with river now on R to take far mid fence kissing gate by river bridge, to minor road.

Go R to cross road bridge and pass 30mph signs, follow road round to R to come to T junction, go on L on Short Lane and at end of first house garden take passage way L. At end of passage way take kissing gate and go 1/2 L across field to find metal gate by pumping station.

Take metal gate and go ahead with farm buildings R. Take another metal gate and continue ahead with fence L and buildings R along grassy corridor exit by kissing gate and ahead.  

Go with hedge R to field corner. At field corner go L. In 200 paces take kissing gate R in hedge.

Go ahead with wood L , after some 110 paces carefully look for difficult to see waymark L. Take way mark into woods. Follow path through woods with river L to come to tubular bridge over river. Cross bridge and turn L. In 20 paces go past remnants of kissing gate, over disused railway line, to find rusty kissing gate.

Take kissing gate and go L. Follow field round with hedge L for 40 paces to come to field corner. Stop. Go 3/4 R across field, under power lines to find mid hedge gap by telegraph pole. Take gap and go 1/2 L across field towards distant white house, find mid fence stile. Take stile and continue ahead maintaining line to exit by telegraph pole to road. Go R on road. Some 200 paces before white house take signed gate R on unclassified road. Go ahead on uphill  field track, and exit by gate to track and lane to main road.

Cross road and ahead on tree lined lane, pass Snowford House L, and ahead on vehicle track, to eventually crossing high bridge over disused railway and coming to tarmac drive leading to road. Go R on road to cross roads. Go L on main road, and after some 100 metres look for stile in hedge on L (next to telegraph pole).

Cross stile, go 1/2 R to far corner and then R 50 mtrs to find bridge stile. Cross this stile and go ahead to find hedge gap. Through gap and go with hedge R to take stile into large field. Go ahead to find far hedge gap and road. Go L on road for some 10 mtrs to find road R.

Take road, pass Sunrise Cottage and enter old Hunningham, a pretty village. At end of road find church. Take kissing gate to R of church yard and go with fence L. At end of fence go ahead 1/2 L downhill to find kissing gate.

Take kissing gate and go with River Leam on L, Go ahead (ignore stile R), cross down slope to water meadow. Cross meadow to take stile opposite Red Lion Pub to road.

Go L to cross road bridge over River Leam, pass road L and immediately past Severn-Trent booster station take kissing gate L. Go 1/2 L, diagonally across field to find kissing gate by telegraph pole.

Take kissing gate and cross narrow field with buildings L to take kissing gate. Go ahead across field centre to find kissing gate. Take kissing gate and go 1/4 L find metal kissing gate by wooden bridge in far hedge. Cross bridge and go ahead with hedge R to find gate in gate to L of isolated building.

Take gate and continue with hedge R to take kissing gate and cross small concrete bridge.

Follow path ahead uphill to reach waymark at farm track. Turn R downhill and in 75 mtrs at hedge corner turn L, keeping hedge on R for 75 mtrs to find hedge gap giving access to metal and concrete bridge over stream. Cross bridge and continue ahead with hedge L.

Follow path to corner of field at wood, ignore Permissive Route on the L,  and in 25 paces turn L to enter wood by hidden way-mark. Follow main path through wood as it swings R, continue through wood to exit on far side. Turn L and go with hedge L in direction of Cubbington village.

In comer of field cross tubular bridge. Turn L to follow path around field and up to houses. At houses turn left along allyway and in 150 mtrs reach Kings Head and Cubbington Church.