Hockley Heath to Meriden / Meriden to Hockley Heath

Walking instructions & Map for walking from West to East & East to West

Meriden - Hockley Heath Map

Hockley Heath to Meriden

Retirment Splendour - Click for larger view!E(102)
Face Wharf Tavern Inn in Hockley Heath. Go R on main Stratford Road. At Miller & Carter Steakhouse go R into Aylesbury Road; continue for 1/2  mile to come to road junction. Go ahead on Vicarage Road and continue to junction of road. Go R on Glasshouse Lane; as road bends R take driveway L to St Giles Church Packwood

At car park take kissing gate into church ground and take path round to front door of church. With back to front door of church go directly ahead on pathway to find kissing gate into field. Go  L down field to hedge and then L to kissing gate under power lines. Go ahead over centre of field to exit field by kissing gate to road. Go R on road (ignore Grove Lane) and come to Packwood House.

Turn your back on Packwood House with its sundial and beautifully trimmed yew trees. Go ahead to R of yew trees to find steps up to Iron Gate leading to avenue of trees. Go on avenue, at end take kissing gate to road. Go R, pass open fields on your L, just before house on L take kissing gate to signed footpath.

Go with hedge R to reach kissing gate to driveway go R 10 paces and take kissing gate L to public footpath leading round garden and house to come to kissing gate and further passageway to house driveway. Up driveway to road. Go L over railway bridge pass Station Lane right and just after road sign (caution horse riders) take footpath L and short passage and stile to field.

Cross stile and with hedge R negotiate over numerous stiles and two gates to a stile and kissing gate leading into field. Continue with hedge L and go through kissing gate  to R of gate. Go through paddock and exit by field corner kissing gate to driveway. Go R on driveway, ignore branch road, continue to main road and go R for some 50 paces.

Before house with beautiful hedge go R through gate to driveway to canal bridge. Over bridge and go L on towpath with canal L. Under two bridges and some 10 paces after second bridge, at Black Boy Pub, take ramp way up to pub car park.

Go down pub drive way to main road, go L. At left hand bend, cross road and take gate to right of Dial House entrance. Go down pathway leading to gate onto farm track.  Go ahead under power cables and after 100 paces turn left. Follow path through coppice and then with hedges on both sides. On approach house bear left along path to road. 

Go R on road towards Chadwick End.  Go L at junction and after 30 paces take kissing gate L. Go with hedge R to come to farm track.  Walk under two set of power lines and  continue on farm track towards farm. Cross stile and go R following farm drive to lane.  Turn R and after about 100 paces take path L. Go with hedge L. 

At end of field go ahead through hedge on Heart of England Way. Continue with hedge on R under power cables.  Over stile across field to kissing gate and continue across field to take kissing gate /footbridge. 

Straight ahead up field to marker post. Continue ahead with hedge L to road.  Turn L for about 85 paces to find green corrugated building on L, immediately  take gap R and kissing gate.  Go with hedge R to field end to take kissing gate to R of white house. Go L on lane to main road. (With a short diversion you can visit the Saracens Head) 

Go L. Cross road at driveway of last house and go over stile. Go with hedge L to take stile and continue with hedge L.  Cross stile to field with bridge over stream in middle and over stile. 

Along hedge on R side of field and through gap in hedge at end of field (ignore stile on R).  Continue along hedge on L, and over stile into small coppice, cross footbridge and stile into field. 

Along L hand hedge to wood, turn R along edge of wood.  L over stile and turn R on driveway which passes through brick gate posts and joins local road.  Continue down this road until reaching road junction. 

Turn R and after short distance turn L at main road. Walk along path and cross dual carriageway into road signed Berkswell.  Just after bungalow on R take kissing gate on L and go on path with small wood R then along L hand edge of field. At end of field and before lake in front of Berkswell Hall, turn L  leaving the Heart of England Way.

Pass through trees and cross the middle of field, heading for corner at edge of wood. Go through kissing gate and through wood. Path then goes along R hand hedge of two fields. Go through kissing gate and continue round field with wood R. Turn R through kissing gate and go into wood. Turn L along edge of wood keeping to R of pond.

Over stile at end of wood and along edge of L hand hedge. As path approaches farm turn R at gatepost and go with high broken hedge on your L. Through kissing gate and across field to bridge and gate then across field to stile. Bear L along path at edge of field and turn R at road.

Take road for about mile, passing through gate, and to come to gate signed footpath L.
(Ordnance Survey mapping amendment - Follow text instructions shown in italic) Take gate L to follow footpath and along fenced path with gravel workings on L.  At road, turn R and after 50 paces, just before house, turn L through kissing gate along path with quarry workings on L.

Continue over footbridge, the path turns R. Continue ahead and take broad stone pathway L into rising fenced path. At top go through kissing gate on R.

Go diagonally L across field and downhill to metal gate. Cross corner of field to metal gate and wooden bridge.

Go diagonally L up field to furthest corner and through kissing gate onto road, after some 60 paces take unmarked hedge gap L and follow path round R for some 80 paces find hidden stile R in hedge row.

Take stile and go down passageway to find road. Go R on road to roundabout, turn R on main road to reach standing cross on The Green at Meriden.

Meriden to Hockley Heath

From the standing cross on The Green in the centre of Meriden, cross road and go R up towards roundabout. Turn L into Hampton Lane and after some 200 paces take footpath L adjacent to The Firs.

 Go down grassy passageway to stile. Go over stile and immediately L with hedge L and embankment R.

Follow path round L to gap in hedge leading to road. Go R on road following round bend to reach gateway L with kissing gate R. Go through kissing gate and head diagonally down field to find a bridge and stile some 80 paces in from R hand field corner. Cross bridge, go half R, across corner of field to metal gate.

Go through gate and walk ahead to find R hand corner of field. Go through kissing gate and turn L walking downhill with fences L and R. At bottom take wide stone pathway, then go R with quarry R.  Path turns L over footbridge and along quarry fence on R. Go through kissing gate onto road.

(Ordnance Survey mapping amendment - Follow text instructions shown in italic) Turn R at road and after 50m take path to L. This is fenced with gravel workings on R. On reaching road, turn R and follow road round, through gate, for about mile to come to road junction. At road junction take path L to find gap R with bridge to stile. Take stile to field and go ahead to find mid field fence gap with gate and elevated bridge. Cross bridge and ahead over field to kissing gate.

Go ahead with high broken hedgerow R. At field end turn L and go with hedge R. Exit field by corner stile. Follow path along inside edge of wood, and after pond R, take kissing gate R, then turn L and follow field round with wood L. Go through kissing gate and continue with hedge L for two fields.

Path goes into wood, go through kissing gate into corner of field. Take path diagonally down middle of field and through small group of trees. On reaching the Heart of England Way turn R.

Walk along R hand edge of field, and exit by path with small wood L and after kissing gate turn R at road. Proceed until main road, cross dual carriageway, turn L crossing over railway bridge and take next road on R, Almost immediately, go L down Wooton Green Lane. Where road turns left go ahead into driveway of Wotton Grange.

Just before private gateway to Grange go L to find stile by gate. Take stile into field, turn R and go with edge of wood R. Remain in field - at field corner turn L to go down field with hedge R, follow round bottom field corner to find and take stile R through small coppice with bridge and stile to field.

Go ahead up field with hedge R to exit by gap to field. Go ahead down field with hedge L to find stile. Cross field with mid field stream / bridge and exit by stile. Go ahead with hedge R to exit field by corner stile. Go ahead with hedge and power lines R to exit field by stile to road.

urn L and then take next road R (Magpie Lane). [With a short diversion you can go ahead to visit the Saracens Head.] After white house on R go through kissing R into field. Follow path to go with L hand hedge and go through kissing gate to road. Go L, after about 85 paces take stile R.

Go round field edge with hedge R to come to large open field. Go ahead down field to take footbridge and kissing gate. Go ahead over field to find kissing gate and ahead with short length of hedge L to hedge stile. Take stile and go ahead with hedge L under pylons to exit field by corner ga

Go ahead continuing previous line with hedge R to road, go R. After about 100 paces turn L down  farm track and through metal gate following track round R and before farm house entrance take stile L to go on track parallel to power lines.

Follow track as it bears L into field and then go  with hedge L to a stile at the end of the fields to road. Turn R on road for short distance to junction. Go R on Chadwick Lane, and on reaching house with pond on L, turn L on path to the R of driveway. This leads to an enclosed path and into a coppice, continue onto a farm track.

Turn R along track, under power lines - where track goes R go ahead through gate, and follow path as it passes Dial House to road. At the Warwick Road turn L, and after some 250 paces take driveway R to Black Boy Inn.

Go to left hand car park (L of Pub, bridge and recycling bins) to find gap to canal towpath. Go L on canal path and continue to the second bridge over the canal and cross this bridge. Walk up driveway to gate leading to road. Go L on road and turn L down Valley Lane, ignore road R, following road round and just before Valley Farm entrance gate go through kissing gate L into field.

Turn R with hedge R to find corner field kissing gate. Continue to kissing gate and bridge and maintaining the same line with hedges L go over numerous stiles and through metal kissing gate to finally arrive at road. Go R, pass Station Lane, over railway line and then take driveway R (The Grove) . Immediately before house gate take passageway to the R, to kissing gate, go with hedge L to reach kissing gate on driveway.

Go R and after 10 paces go L through kissing gate into field with hedge L, exit field through kissing gate to road. Go R on road, pass driveway on R to Uplands Farm, and shortly afterwards take kissing gate L into National Trust Packwood Avenue. Go down avenue of trees to come to Packwood House.

Facing Packwood House go R on road pass Grove Lane and after some 100 paces take kissing gate L to field.

Go over centre of field to kissing gate under power lines. Go ahead with hedge L cross hidden brook and go half R to power pole in corner by trees to find kissing gate leading into churchyard of St Giles Church.

Face front door of church and go L on pathway to exit church grounds to car park. Take church access driveway to road. Go R on road to come to junction. At junction go L and continue to meet main road.

Go ahead on main road signed Hockley Heath. Follow road round to meet main Stratford Road. At Stratford Road go L and cross road and walk ahead to come to The Wharf Tavern.