Chipping Warden to Middleton CheneyMiddleton Cheney to Chipping Warden

Walking instructions & Map for walking from West to East & East to West

Middleton Cheney - Chipping Warden

Local Animals - Click for larger view!Chipping Warden to Middleton Cheney

Face Griffin Pub in Chipping Warden. Go R to find parking area. Follow the clearly marked footpath sign on the right across field to the far L corner stile.

Cross stile, go ahead some 15 paces and then L with hedge L. At gateway L turn R down field to pass lone tree to find river. Go with river R, ignore bridge R and pass wood to come to stile. 

Take stile and go 1/2 R up field to find gate. Take gate and go with woods R to exit by gate. Go ahead with hedge L through first field, continue with hedge L in second field to find mid field stile.

Take stile and go 1/2 R down field to find bridge over stream.

Cross bridge, go 1/2 R over rise and ahead with poplar trees R to exit by metal gate. Continue with fence R to find mid fence gate. Take gate and go 1/2 L towards series of gates, ignore gates and take stile to R side of gates to lane.

Turn R down lane over stone river bridge to T-junction. Go L on road round R hand bend and at L hand bend go straight ahead through hedge gap to field.

Go with hedge R to pass a number of dilapidated vehicles. Continue ahead with hedge R following bridleway. Maintain this direction through fields for approximately 1 mile - note hedge changes to L after a time. Ignore gaps and vehicle way swings away L, but continue until no hedge on L at end of fields. Where hedge finishes go through gate ahead over open field, maintain line to go to L of finger of trees to come to corner gate. Take gate over disused railway line and exit by gate.

Go ahead up hill to brow and then ahead keeping the trees and hedge L to exit field by top L field gate. Ahead on farm track walking away from the farmhouse to road.

Cross road and continues on a bridle way with bungalows to the left and farm building to the right. Cross minor road to driveway. Take stile immediate R. Go 1/2 L  to aim for mid hedge gap some 50 paces to R of where power cable cross hedge.

Through gap and go with hedge L. At field corner go R 40 paces to find stile to road. Cross road go ahead up farm driveway. At end of concrete driveway, before bungalow, take vehicle way R to pass bungalow on your L, follow around, and in 100 yards enter large field.

Go1/2 R diagonally down field to mid hedge gap, R of small tree, some 100 paces in from far R corner.

At gap go ahead across bridge, up bank to road.

Cross road and go ahead 1/2 L across field to find far L corner stile.

Take stile and go with hedge R, after approximately 50 paces take stile R to cross  bridge. Go 1/2 L to find mid fence gap. Through gap and go 1/4 R ahead to L of line of low trees.

Go ahead with buildings and hedge R to come to field corner.

At field corner go ahead 1/2 L, under power lines, to far R corner gap. Take stile and go with fence L for 70 paces to come to gap and stone bridge. Cross bridge and go ahead to find stile. Take stile and go R with stream R.  

Pass through fields with hedge / stream R to finally exit by stile to drive. Go L on drive to road. Cross road and take stile. Go ahead with hedge R. Exit field by stile and continue ahead up field bending L to come to gap R through former gate. Take gap and go with properties to R and L. Maintain line behind properties, ignoring footpaths to L. Come to main road.


Cross main road into Glovers Lane on the opposite side. After a few hundred yards turn left into Rectory Lane, follow road to All Saints Church.

Starting our from Middleton - Click for larger view! Middleton Cheney to Chipping Warden

Middleton Cheney is some 2 miles East of Junction 11 on M40. Facing the front of All Saints Church the route takes the lane to the left. Pass the right hand turn  Rectory Lane. At the T-junction (facing a house named Stoneleigh) turn right into Glovers Lane.

At the end of the lane the pathway crosses the main road and takes the unmade vehicle track to the right of the footpath sign passing between the gardens of domestic properties. After approximately 300 hundred yards the track becomes a footpath and ends at a gap into farm land.

Go L and go with hedge L, follow round field edge to find stile. Take stile and go ahead with hedge L to exit by stile to road.


Cross road to drive and after 10 paces take stile R, signpost marked Footpath to Thenford.


Follow field edge with fence and stream L to take ditch / bridge stile, and ahead to find mid fence corner stile. Take stile and go with field edge field corner with dilapidated stone barn. Take stile L to stone bridge. Cross bridge and go R with fence R to gateway.


Take gateway and go 1/2 L across field towards tree line to find field corner.


At field corner go R with hedge L. At corner continue on same line across field (Aim for R of wood on skyline) to and through hedge gap.


Cross field corner to take small timber bridge, over a stream and turn L with hedge L to stile. Take stile and go 1/2 R across field to road.


Cross road and stream and go diagonally R up field to top field corner gateway with track. Though gateway and follow round track, to pass bungalow R to farm driveway.


Follow driveway to road.


Cross road and take stile into field. Go with hedge R round field edge to exit by far R field gap. Go ahead over field to far R corner stile giving access to farm drive. Go L on drive to road. Cross road and take track marked bridle way towards farm.


Where track bears L to farm take gate to go ahead with hedge R, under overhead power lines and pass spinney R to come to previous gate opening now only two isolated gate posts. Through opening and descend field to gate. Take gate, cross over disused railway to exit by gate and go with hedge L.


At end of hedge go ahead over field to gate. Take gate and go with hedge R. Continue over numerous fields maintaining this line. Initially hedge is R but after some while you join vehicle way with hedge L. Go for about 1 mile. Where vehicle way swings R by discarded vehicles continue ahead with hedge L to come to field end. Exit field by gap to road.


Go ahead on road, to come to junction with road from L. Continue round road R, cross over bridge, and after some 200 paces find stile L.


Take stile and go 1/2 R over field corner to find gate R into field. Take gate and go L with fence L to find gate. Take gate and go 1/2 R over field to mid fence stile, cross stream and stile to field.


Go ahead to isolated stile by hedge. Take stile and go ahead with hedge R to field corner gateway.


Take gateway and continue with hedge R.


At field end find gateway. Take gateway and go ahead with woods L to come to stile. Take and go 1/2 R down field to take stile


Take stile and go down track..


Ignore bridge L, follow track round with river L.


Just before power pole go R to find defined path up field to pass to R of lone tree. At top of field go L with hedge R.


At field end take gap, continue ahead and at hedge end, go immediately R, to find and take corner stile into field. Go 1/2 L across field to exit by far L corner field stile.


Go L on road to the village of Chipping Warden. The Griffin pub is approximately 100 yards on the right.