Stoulton to North Piddle / North Piddle to Stoulton

Walking instructions & Map for walking from West to East & East to West

Piddle to Stoulton Map

Stoulton to North Piddle

(The Millennium Way route has been changed here with OS map changes pending, so follow these instructions). Face church at St Edmund, Stoulton. On the left hand side is waymarked path by side of church. Take metal gate into churchyard then exit by further metal gate ahead to take narrow path between hedge and fence. Exit by metal gate and turn L along grassy track between hedges. The track bears left to pass houses left to reach gap at the end of the track. (Do not take the first small gap you see but continue along to the gap at the end of the track.) At gap turn R and continue down field keeping hedge R passing under power lines. On reaching field corner take the kissing gate R. Go ahead with hedge and stream L until on the left there is a bridge over the stream and a gate leading to a wood. The footpath goes left around the wood so follow this with hedge L and the wood R. Path goes up hill to gate. Pass through gate - farm buildings are visible ahead. Go ahead to the farmyard and follow the farmyard track past barns (ignoring any left sign) until the track turns to the L at Windmill Hill Farm with a black and white house R.

Follow the bridleway behind a barn to a waymarked old metal gate. There is a modern metal 5 bar gate directly ahead but go L through the old gate then R. Continue ahead with hedge R, Going through to the side of another 5 bar metal gate continue up the next field to a large brick bridge over the railway line.

Leaving the bridge go half L to the corner hedge up the field with a tree on the corner. At the hedge corner continue ahead with hedge R. Carry on with hedge R heading for a prominent group of trees ahead. Looking slightly left you will see the blades of a modern windmill on the horizon.

On reaching the trees you will see they enclose a plantation. Do not enter the plantation. On the right is a track, which is a bridleway. Follow this with the hedge fringing the plantation on the left to a narrow road.

Cross road and go ahead on track. (End of diversion) At end of track, by Kits Kitchens take gap R and follow track L to go behind buildings and down into field. Go ahead down field with hedge R to come to gap. Take gap and ahead up field with power lines L to come to mid hedge bridge and kissing gate. Take bridge kissing gate and ahead slghtly left past the often overgrown part of a horse area to a drive and kissing gate to road ( Pub to your R - Berkley Arms, Egdon).

Cross road and take kissing gate into field. Go diagonally across field to come to gate at far L field corner. Take gate and go L. Go diagonally to reach far R corner gate leading to road. Go R on road for some 200 paces. Just before trees find gate L with kissing gate. Take kissing gate and go ahead up field to far R corner kissing gate, before cottage. Do not take kissing gate, but stay in field. With back to kissing gate go ahead with fence R for some 70 paces to find fence stile R.

Take stile through garden and next stile through garden to exit by stile to field. Go R and follow round field edge with hedge R, and exit by gap. Ahead through second field and exit by gap. In third field, after some 50 paces, take bridge / stile R. Go along path with hedge L to road. Go L through the village of White Ladies Aston. Immediately past last house on the R take footpath through churchyard of St John the Baptist church. Exit churchyard behind church by far left corner hedge gap to road.

Go R on road and immediately take gap L into field. Keeping hedge R proceed to reach junction of roads. Turn R on minor road, which passes houses R and becomes a track. After some 400 paces take careful note where the track bends to the right. Watch for finger post at marked gap L leading into copse. Take gap, through copse to find gate into field.

Go ahead through field hedge gap, and then  ½L to find bridge gate by trees. Take gate and go with hedge L to finally come to far L field gate. Through gate and go R to find 7 bar metal gate leading into field.

Go  R down field to find bridge over river. Cross river and go ahead to pass through copse of trees, keep line of oak trees on L, aim for mid hedge gap (R of far church tower). Go ahead to find top field gate.

Take gate and follow vehicle track to road. Over road into driveway of Holy Oak Farm. Follow drive way through farm building to come to fence gate leading into field. Go ahead across field to find swing gate leading into grassy strip with house L, leading to road. Follow road ahead to pass church L and reach main road.

Cross road and take alley way between houses to wooden kissing gate and go down field to metal kissing gate. Go 1/2 R towards Lone Tree then continue with hedge R through 2 fields to field corner kissing gate to road.

(Ordnance Survey mapping amendment - Follow text instructions.) Cross road and take stile to L of metal gate. Go ahead on cinder path with river L to driveway go L to take bridge with double metal gate. Go ½R to field corner to take double metal gatjes by single tree. Go ahead with with hedge R around field corner through gap with hedge R through gap.

Enter left field and head directly past mid field power poles to find gated hedge gap. Take gap through plantation to gate onto road. Cross road, over metal stile and after approx 12 paces follow path through avenue of trees ignoring paths to left or right up to the end, to find R plank bridge over stream and metal kissing gate. Go through copse, to exit by metal kissing gate. Cross field ahead to take corner kissing gate to road. Go L to crossroads at North Piddle.

North Piddle to Stoulton

Stand at cross roads in North Piddle with back to Church Lane. Go L for 100 paces take kissing gate R into field, go across field to metal kissing gate to copse, through copse to metal to kissing gate/ stream bridge leading R to avenue of trees on L. Go through avenue to exit by metal stile. Cross road and take gate opposite. Go ahead across tree planted field, to exit by gap into field passing to L of power pole to far corner field gap (Here we enjoy first glimpse of church at Upper Snodsbury on horizon ahead).

Through gap and continue ahead with hedge L. Go around field corner to double metal gate. Go 1/2 R take double metal gate and bridge over steam (Ordnance Survey mapping amendment - Follow text instructions shown in italic) and after some 10 paces take cinder track R to go with river R. Follow track to stile to road. Cross road to take kissing gate. Go ahead through 2 fields - exit 2nd field at wide gap and then ahead towards lone tree L. Before tree find and take crop path diagonally R across field to take far mid fence metal kissing gate (Aim R of church on horizon). Go up field with hedge R to take corner wooden kissing gate and follow alley way between houses to road - Upper Snodsbury.

Cross road. Go ahead into Church Road and continue into The Furlongs. Take wooden gate and ahead with houses R to enter field by large kissing gate. Go ahead across centre of field aim for centre of farm buildings to find gate. Go ahead through farm buildings to find gate and driveway leading to road. Cross road and follow farm track with large field L. Take R hand of two gates into field.

Go ahead across field to find mid hedge gap. Go ahead in field with line of trees R to come to a copse. Go ahead through copse and ahead R to find bridge over river. Cross bridge and go ahead up field to find far L corner gate. Take gate and go ahead some 30 paces to find gate L and signed footpath. Through gate and follow round field edge with hedge R to find far R corner metal gate.

Take metal gate and bridge and go ahead to find hedge gap. Go through gap and go 1/4 L to find gate into copse. Through copse to find track  Go R on track which becomes road passing houses L to come to junction of roads. Immediately take gap L by power pole and go with hedge L to find gap to road. Go R on road and immediately take gap into churchyard of St John the Baptist, follow round church to exit churchyard by gate to road.

Go L on road into the village of White Ladies Aston. Pass stone wall R, road bends R and after some 50 paces take signed gap R. Ahead with red brick barn R, and continue with hedge R. Leave path where it swings L and continue ahead with hedge R to take far corner stile / bridge to field. Go L with hedge L, pass house L, and come to  field corner. Go R and after some 20 paces take stile into garden, cross garden and exit by stile into another garden, Exit by fence. Go L to kissing gate (Do not take kissing, do not exit field) Turn back to kissing gate go 3/4 L to pass field corner to take kissing gate to road.

Go right on road after some 250 paces take gate L into narrow field, Go diagonally half way down field to find gate R. Take gate and go into field. Go diagonally to far corner field kissing gate leading to road.

Cross road and take kissing gate. Go ahead to pass horse area L to take mid hedge kissing gate / bridge into field. Go ahead, parallel with power cables, to find hedge gap. Take gap and ahead with hedge L to exit by field corner. Continue to follow track with buildings L. Main track turns L but continue ahead under power cables then turn L to come to gap by power pole leading to drive by red building (Kit Kitchens). Go L on drive to road.

Cross road and ahead on bridleway track after some 25 paces there may be waymarkers R. Ignore any waymarkers and continue up the bridleway track with the plantation right until it ends. At the end track swings L into a field with a stand of trees to your right. (Here the Millennium Way has been rerouted with OS changes pending, so follow these instructions). Go L again into a field with hedge left and go down the field keeping hedge L to the hedge corner where it turns left with a tree on the corner.
Do not turn L with the hedge stay but ½ right and continue ahead into the field. Continue ahead to large brick bridge over the railway. Go down the field to pass a 5 bar metal gate L. Continue ahead to an old metal gate L onto a farm bridleway. Turn R go behind a barn and follow to Windmill Hill Farm. Turn R past the farm on the farm track. Go ahead past the front of more barns and down the field to metal gate. Follow the footpath to and alongside a wood L with hedge R.

At the end of the wood track swings L and R through a metal gate and over a bridge over a stream. Turn right follow the hedge line with hedge and stream right to a kissing gate. Take gate and turn L. Go up the field with hedge L, At the top of the field go L between hedges. Follow this to a metal gate on the R. Take a path between a fence and hedge to another metal gate into the churchyard. Go ahead to double metal gate out of the churchyard onto the road. You have exited at the side of the church of St Edmund at Stoulton.