Long Itchington to Priors Marston / Priors Marston to Long Itchington

Walking instructions & Map for walking from West to East & East to West

Prior MArston - Long Itchington

Long Itchington to Priors Marston

Facing Holy Trinity Church from the road, turn L and continue on for around 200m to a part of the village called The Square. Bear right down Thorn Way, leaving The Harvester Inn to your left.

The road turns right and left, with wall R, at end of wall after some 15 paces take kissing gate R.  Go 1/2 L over field to exit by kissing gate.

Take kissing gate and ahead over wooden footbridge. Go up field to exit by kissing gate. Cross track, and take kissing gate and ahead over field to exit by far corner kissing gate giving access to canal path.

Take towpath L under the A423 Coventry to Banbury Road (bridge 25) and pass The Two Boats Inn. Go with canal R, climb two sets of locks, and pass under bridge number 24, and ahead. Leave canal just before Bridge 23 by swing gate to road

Blue Lias InnGo R over bridge to find driveway to Blue Lias. Take driveway and go ahead to come onto vehicle way leading to Stockton Reservoir Car Park. Take gap ahead into reservoir area and go L with fishing lake R to corner gap. Take gap L leading into short grassy corridor leading to metal kissing gate into wood. Make way ahead through wood to exit by stile.

Go R with hedge R to exit field by corner gap. Go L with hedge L, and enter copse. Follow clear pathway through wooded area and then keep wire fence L. Exit by gap into field. Go with hedge R to find gap with steps to road. Cross road and take stile to L of house. Go with hedge R to exit field by corner gap. Follow clear path down to pass house R leading to road. Go ahead, pass side roads to come to T junction with Post Office. Go R on School Street to find Barley Mow Pub.

Face Barley Mow Pub and go R pass Stockton Parish Church on L up Rectory Close - road becomes vehicle way. Follow vehicle way past cemetery - where vehicle way turns R go ahead through metal gate into field.

Cross field, maintaining line, to pass lone power pole L to stile. Take stile, go 1/2 R to take mid hedge ditch bridge. Go ahead across field to meet corner hedge, go with hedge L to exit field by corner stile (broken) / gap. Go L 30 paces, then R with hedge L to exit field by corner stile (broken).

Go ahead across field to find gap with plank bridge and ditch. Cross bridge and go 1/4 L to pass by middle of 5 power poles across field to find hedge gap. Take gap and ditch to continue ahead to find mid fence bridge / stile. Take stile go ahead with hedge R to exit by corner stile. Continue ahead with hedge R to exit by grassy corridor and stile and go L on road.

Keep on road, passing former Bridge Inn, and take steps, before bridge, to make way to Oxford canal towpath. Go R  under bridge 111, ahead with canal L. The canal skirts round Napton Hill with its high set windmill. Go under bridge 115, lock number 12, leave the canal towpath.  Go R on road over bridge, and after some 15 paces take gate L. Go 1/2 R down field to come to find mid field bridge. Take bridge and go ahead 1/4 R to find stile to L of houses. Take stile ahead behind garage to driveway. Go down driveway to road.  

Go R on road and where road swings R go ahead on minor road and again where road swings R go ahead to find gateway. Take gate and ahead along side of field, with fence L

At field end, take metal gate into the next field, and go with the hedge R. Take gap in field corner and continue ahead with hedge R. Go through metal gate and go with hedge L to exit through metal gate. Go 1/2 R up field to take new large metal gate.

Go ahead with fence R to field corner then ahead on tree lined corridor. Go on corridor passing through early gate to come eventually to 7 bar gate at corner. Go L through gate. After some 450m come to timber crossing with handrail over ditch R.

Cross the ditch and a stile into a field of pasture.  Go 1/2 L to far field boundary with stile some 100 paces in from far L corner. Cut across the left hand corner of the next field to another timber ditch crossing and stile.

Cross the stile and go R to cut across the nearest corner of the next field.
In quick succession cross three more stiles, to pass through a couple of pony paddocks.  We have now reached the edge of Priors Marston village.


The last of these stiles gives into a larger field of pasture, bordered on the left by houses of recent construction. Follow along the boundary at the bottom of the gardens of houses, and look out for a line of concrete garages backing on to the field. At the right hand end of these garages there is a stile, leading to a tarmac track. 


Follow  track to  end, to meet road.  There is a pillar box on the left, but you turn R. The road leads past Vicarage Lane and School Lane, and then reaches a small green at which four roads meet.  The war memorial stands on the green.


Priors Marston to Long Itchington


Priors Marston war memorial stands at the junction of a number of roads.  Standing at the end of Hellidon Road, turn right, direction Napton, and then take the right hand fork for Lower Shuckburgh and Napton. Continue on Shuckburgh Road, passing a phone box, and the ends of School Lane and Vicarage Lane on your right.


After a further 100m, locate a pillar-box on the left.  Immediately before the pillar-box, turn left and follow the waymark down a made up track, alongside Priors Hall. At the end of the track, cross the stile and bear 1/2 R to pass along the rear boundaries of houses to exit by stile.


Pass through two pony paddocks by stiles. On entering a larger field, cut across the near left hand corner, by stile, to reach timber bridge ditch crossing. Cross the ditch and bear 1/4 R.  The next stile is visible beneath a line of trees.


Cross this stile, and go 1/2 L to find corner stile.  Take stile and cross ditch / bridge, and go L on turf track bordered by line trees with hedge and ditch L.


Following the way between lines of trees to pass through full width metal gate, and bend to right. The path continues between line of trees then climbs a shallow incline, and continues ahead.


The path descends, eventually giving onto a field of pasture with fence L.


Go with fence L down field towards the village of Napton just visible through the trees. Come to metal gate. Take gate, and head down to far right corner to find metal gate.


Take gate and go with hedge R for some 100 paces to take gate R. Go ahead with hedge L.  You are no longer heading directly for Napton. Exit field by bottom left corner gap.


Continue ahead with the hedge L, to reach metal gate.


Pass through gate into another large field. Continue along the edge of this field with the fence immediately on your right. Notice a farm appearing, a few hundred metres off to the left.  When you draw level with the farm, you will be at a gate which gives onto a minor road.


Take gate to road, go R, which is in effect continuing in the same direction as the path you have just left.


After around some 500m come to T junction, go ahead direction signed Napton / Stockton. Pass three cottages L (The Fens) and immediately take driveway Up driveway and go R behind garage with hedge R to come to stile. Take stile and go 1/4 R up centre of field to come to bridge in dip. Take bridge and go 1/2 L up field to exit by far L corner gate to road.


Go R on road over canal bridge and immediately L down onto canal. Go L under bridge and ahead with  canal right - ahead is Napton on the Hill with its high set windmill. Follow down a flight of locks, and pass The Folly Inn on your left. Continue on the towpath. Skirt around Napton Hill on the towpath.  At bridge 111 pass under the A425 Southam to Daventry road with the former Bridge Inn on the left. Immediately after bridge take gap L and climb steps to the road.


Turn R on road after 30 paces cross stile R. Down grassy passage way into field and go with hedge L. Take corner stile and go with hedge L to field corner - go R 40 paces and take stile and bridge L. Go 1/4 L across field to hedge gap. Continue ahead pass mid field power pole. Maintain line to come to ditch / bridge gap to R of single tree. Go 1/2 R across field to L of two trees to find stile (broken). Take gap and go with hedge R to end of field. Stay in field and go L for 30 paces to take gap R. 


o with high hedge R. At hedge corner continue same line ahead across field. Take mid fence bridge. Go 1/2 R to find stile some 50 paces in from corner. Take stile and go ahead across field to find metal gate. Take gate to vehicle track. Go ahead on track, pass cemetery to road, pass Stockton Parish Church to Barley Mow Pub. Face Barley Mow Pub go L pass school. At post box take road L, up Mount Pleasant, ignore side roads, come to grassy passageway with houses L, leading through spinney to field. Go L with hedge L to stile and road.


Cross (A426) road and take gap to go down steps to go with hedge L. Though corner gap continue with hedge L and fence R. Follow corridor over two bridges then through shrub, maintaining line. Leave woods, go ahead on grassy way with spinney L. Exit spinney and after 50 paces go R to find gap, take gap and go immediately L with hedge L. After some 70 paces take gap into woods to find stile. Take stile and ahead through woods, cross track and exit by metal kissing gate to lake. Go R with lake L to take gap into car park with drive way ahead leading to road. Go L on road pass Blue Lias Inn, over bridge and take gateway L to canal. Go R with canal L, pass Two Boats Inn and go ahead.


Pass under the A423 Banbury to Coventry road (Bridge 25), and immediately afterwards look out for a small brick-built cubicle next to the towpath.  Turn R off the towpath at this point, and turn left past the cubicle to reach take kissing gate into paddock. Cross  paddock, and take two further kissing gates on either side of a farm track. Go ahead over field and wooden foot bridge to exit by kissing gate and ahead over field towards a modern white house in the distance with a distinctive rear projection and find kissing gate. 


Take corner kissing gate, and turn L to follow a made up lane serving private houses.


In a few hundred metres, this lane (Thorn Way) gives into an open area known as The Square, with The Harvester Inn on the right. Turn left down the village road to find Holy Trinity Church.