Roll Of Honour

For those who have walked the entire 100 miles of the main Millennium Way trail.

Alexander, Julie
Aylmer, John
Benjamin, Ian
Bevan, Ann
Bevan, Rod
Bidmead, John
Botherway, Andy
Bruce, Susan
Campion, Tom
Chambers, Andrew
Cooke, Julie
Cox, Robert
Crisp, Gillian
Crisp, Roland
Doughty, Malcolm ?
Elmes, Gary
Emmerich, Don
Eno, David
Gibb, Ralph
Goldsmith, Alan
Goldsmith, Averill
Goodall, Bill
Green, Janet
Grigg, Ray
Guest, Cherry
Hambleton, Peter
Haywood, Jim
Herd, Peter ?
Hindley, Mark
Hipkiss, Tim
Holder, Godfrey ???
Jefferies, Sally
Jefferies, Terry
Kalewski, Sharon
Latchem, Mike
Leason, Dave

Lewis, Wendy
Lockey, Malcolm
May, Keith
Milne, Gary
Milward, Hugh
Moore, Derek
Moore, Margaret
Moore, Wendy
Musgrave, Cindy
Norton, Mike
Orchard, Patricia

Perry, Barbara
Perry, David
Rainsley, Bob
Shaw, Sacha
Shaw, Snowy
Sly, Martin
Smith, Diane

Steed, Mary
Studwick, Clive
Tayler, Chris
Taylor, Malcolm
Taylor, Sheila
Tearle, Marie
Trinder, Alan
Trinder, Steve
Turner, Frances

Turner, Nathalie
Vickers, Jane
Weaver, Malcolm
Whitby, Sally
Wild, Victoria
Wilkinson, Rick
Willoughby, Steve
Woolley, Sid
Yates, Mike

Time Challenge Leaders

18th October 2012-33 hrs O mins - Craig Hall I Marc Richardson

5 Day Challenge

Robert Cox & Victoria Wild
Simon Hanson & Amanda Huxford
Julie Cooke
Jane Cure, Mike Page & Kay Holford-Page

All 44 Circular Walks

These people have, by definition, covered the main Millennium Way trail while doing all the circulars. Well done, you have walked 267 miles!

Paul Astbury
Richard Callaghan
Godfrey Clasper
Malcolm Doughty
Barry Durman
Rachel Durman
Nick Fox
Tony Hayes
Neville Johnson
Peter Herd
Ian Mapp
Roger Shrimpton
Peter Travis
Bob Whiston

Martin Stevens

Jessica Gosney (plus Alfie the dachshund)

Jonathan Chester

Mark Savage

Kay Lindsay

Carrick Lindsay